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Some more excited than others... =/

My boyfriend of 4 years just proposed to me about a week ago.  We have seen both my family and his since and my family is SOO much more excited than his (immediate family- his g'ma and aunt seems excited).  Has this happened to anyone else?  I am trying to ignore it, but it's hard when they aren't asking me a bunch of questions about it and seem to not even care much.  Grr 

Re: Some more excited than others... =/

  • Congrats!

    I wouldn't worry too much about their reactions. How are they normally? Are they excitable people? My in-laws are not very emotional people--they don't hug, say I love you, they don't get overly excited about anything. They congratulated us and told us they were happy for us when we got engaged and they acted like they were happy but definitely were not overly excited like my mom was.

    Some people don't get as excited about weddings/engagements, and some people just aren't overly excitable period. If you have had a good relationship with them and get along with them, I'm sure it's not that they aren't happy; they just aren't over-the-top excited about weddings.

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  • Congratulations on your engagement! I think it's definitely normal for some family members not to be as excited as others. My own father is completely disinterested in my wedding, for example.
  • Congrats on your engagement!

    FI's family is over-the-moon about our wedding.  Everytime I see FMIL she asks for updates, yada yada.  My family could really care less.  Dont get me wrong, they are totally happy for us, they just arent nearly excited as his family.  My mom almost never asks about anything wedding related, and it is kinda sucky but whatcha gonna do about it, KWIM?

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  • I am experiencing the opposite"as his family seems more excited than mine"
    Everytime I bring up wedding or anything about planning I get the ole " you need to slow down, there is no need to rush." I tell them "Do you realize that I have been waiting for this my whole life and I am over the moon excited about planning this wedding, I would love your support and a little excitement as well."

    I would just hang in there, they will come around. It just takes a little time..

    And praying about it never hurt either...

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