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Second Weddings

I think I must be crazy

Some days I think I must be crazy to do this again for the 4th (yes 4th) time.  It is his 2nd and this one should have been both of ours first one. (We were engaged in our 20's and walked away).  Add into the mix the different religions, grown children, grandchildren and the fact that he has to be out of town until December when his job will be done, and I wonder why I am going crazy!
Just needed to vent - ughhhh!  Hope everyone else's planning is going smooth and things are coming together. 

Re: I think I must be crazy

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    Hi CJnD10, congratulations on your engagement!!! 

    Hey, the 4th time's a charm!! Our wedding was his 2nd and technically my 4th (he says was really my second as well the first two didn't last more than a few months).

    My DH and I have known one another since we were 15, he proposed that we elope when we were 21 and he was in the Army.  I said no, we were best friends but we were not dating and I was in a relationship that was on it's last legs.  After that we lost touch the Army didn't forward or return my letters.  There is a lot more to the story but I don't want to post jack. 

    Any way I understand where you are coming from in some ways.  We don't have all the dynamics you do but I was the one that wasn't so gungho about marriage - but my DH won me over and here we are happily married. 

    Please feel free to share your plans and vent that is what we are here for!  
    P.S. You're not crazy.
  • You aren't crazy...lol! Or if you are, them I'm in the mix with you. On this end, we have ex's, two houses, children two of his"aren't ready for Dad to move on"...with me?...grandbabies....and recent unemployment mine. sigh and we just carry on, and go day by day....sometimes minute by minute. Hang in there, we will make it. Be positive and hold onto each other. Itll work out. ;
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