Our June Brides....

Here are our brides for June!

Plato79 - 6/3
Jpickering8 – 6/18

Dmcphee – 6/25

I hope you ladies enjoy your wedding "month" and the time leading up to it.  I can't believe how close you are!  Please remember to keep us updated with all the anticipation and then to come back and give recaps and pictures!!!  Smile

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Re: Our June Brides....

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    omg, plato!  So close!  I'm so excited for you three. 

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    Finally at the one month mark today!!  I feel like I've got nothing left to do now but wait (and that is the hardest thing of all!!)  Still waiting on lots of RSVP's, finishing up a few last minute DIY projects, and mailing final payments to all our vendors (yikes!!)  But, mostly I'm just trying to enjoy these last 31 days... Thanks for all the support from my fellow Maine ladies :)
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    It's hard to believe we're 9 days out...well, 8 now! I have been a busy, busy lady this week. Tomorrow will be no different. It's exciting. I just hope I can pull off everything I want to! :)

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