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Any opinions on what should be served for the rehearsal supper? We are trying to keep the budget fairly small on this part of our wedding. Is it tacky to go to a park and provide pizza, subs, beer, and pop?

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    We went to Pizza Hut and had no complaints!  
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  • Def NOT tacky!! I plan on doing something very cheap.. Pizza, wings and salads then maybe buy everyone there first drinks. I dont thinks its necessary to go all out on a rehearsal dinner. I know of people who have them at there houses!
  • I think that the park idea is fun! We thought of that as well however I was going to dress it up by turning it into a picnic. Look up picnic weddings there's a lot of cute ideas that pull that idea together. 

    We have a large group of over 200 coming to the 'rehersal dinner' since we have no wedding party we wanted to open it up to everyone...  However we ended up rented out a movie theater, (for $300), that we can bring our own food in. We're planning on making it finger food for about $300-400... 

    Good luck!
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