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Syracuse Dress Shopping

Going for the first time in a couple of weeks, any luck with any places out there?
Must go places or places to stay away from?

Re: Syracuse Dress Shopping

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    I had great experiences with New York Bride and Keeley's in Baldwinsville. Both places were really helpful. I ended up getting my dress from Keeley's and my bridesmaids got theirs from NYB.

    I didn't have a bad experience at David's but they just didn't have what I wanted. I was looking for a non-strapless dress and they didn't have many that didn't look like nightgowns.
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    i not my dress and my BM dresses from NYBride. They were really nice and my dress came in after only 3 months (everywhere tells u 6 months). I had a horrible experience at Davids. They told me not to touch the dresses on the racks, made me wait 20min even though I had an appt and were rude. My BMs spent an hour trying on dresses and found the perfect one. The salesgirl comes back and says oops thats discontinued. We forgot to take it off the rack or even mark it...oh well. I def recommend not going there.
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    I went to NY Brides. They were helpful and nice. Also i have heard SpyBabies is another good place to go. All the girls I work with went there.
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    NY Bride is wonderful! They are very helpful and make youfeel like you are their only customer. My sister got married 3 years ago and they still call her by name when she walks in!
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    I live in Potsdam and went to SYR for my dress.  I went to Spyababy and was very impressed.  I also heard good things about NYB but I was looking for a few specific dresses and they didn't carry them so I ended up at Spybaby and was very pleased :)
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    The selection isn't huge, but check out Something Old Something New on Erie Blvd.  I think they're having a liquidation sale (don't know if it's still going on), but I got my dress there a couple weeks ago.  I had tried on dresses at every place under the sun, and nobody was as helpful as the girls there.

    Good luck!

    And P.S....don't do what I did - I had already bought a dress based on what I THOUGHT I wanted.  It didn't look great on me and I wasn't really happy.  But when I went to Something Old Something New, I saw the most amazing dress and fell instantly in love.  Now I have two dresses and am trying to get rid of the first.  I thought everything about the "aaaahhhh" moment was crap, but it's true - you'll KNOW when you've found the right dress.
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    Stay away from David's Bridal, they are awful.  They are rude, and unwilling to help.  I've actually been ignored and left alone when I made an appointment!!!  NY Bride is ALWAYS helpful, and you never need an appt.  NY Bride is wonderful.
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