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Looking for reviews for The Mission Theatre as a venue???

Hey everyone! I'm just starting to plan our wedding and I'm looking for an inexpensive venue to use as we are on a VERY tight budget. I'm also looking for something that includes as much as possible because I know NOTHING about planning a wedding and I'm kinda on my own here. I have found The Mission Theatre and was wondering if anyone has been to a wedding/knows anything about thsi venue and what they think. Any information/advice would be helpful for this new bride-to-be! Thanks so much!!!

Re: Looking for reviews for The Mission Theatre as a venue???

  • I went to a wedding there and the bride and groom did pay for it themselves.  They had HyVee catering it and the food was good, not spectacular, but as you know, if you've been on this board, a lot of ladies have had great experiences with the catering from HyVee and it is a good value. 
    It's a good location and while the place needs some updates, it's still an affordable place with it's our ambiance.

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    Thank you for the comment, we really do appreciate it! Congratulations on your wedding! :)

  • Not sure what your budget is but we've contracted with the Scottish Rite Temple in Kansas City, MO.  A lot of Masonic halls will rent their facilities out really cheap.  I never looked into a Knight's of Columbus hall but the one down the street from me in Shawnee always has their rental sign out so I assume it's fairly reasonable too.  Have you checked into Old Shawnee Town?  I think it's pretty reasonable too.
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    I had looked into Old Shawnee Town as well as most of the Community Centers around, and while their rental prices are slightly cheaper, they don't include anything other than the venue rental. Mission Theatre has an all-inclusive package that includes pretty much everything besides for food. I hadn't thought of Temples or Halls, that's a great suggestion, thank you so much! I'm gonna start looking into that direction as well! Thanks again, best wishes to you!
  • I'm in the exact same boat. What did you decide?  I'm looking for ideas too.
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    We've pretty much decided on The Mission Theatre, we haven't put down a deposit, but we plan to within a week or so. We looked at a TON of other places, but couldn't find better prices for a place that offered nearly as much or had a cool vibe. The Mission Theatre is extremely inclusive and doesn't add on ANY service fees, that's where a lot of other venues get you, ther price seems great until you see add the add-on fees take that number through the roof. Also, the Mission Theatre is wiling to do pretty much whatever you want. We're having our wedding on a Sunday to keep costs down, and we're having ceremony and reception for under $1,000. All that's left is to plan for food, my dress, and logistics, they provide everything else! Good luck with your planning, hope you find a venue you love! Don't forget to negotiate, if you choose an off-season day they'll usually work with you! Best of luck! :)
  • The guy that runs the Mission Theater is notorious for dropping the ball in almost every facet of his business.  This is also the guy who owned the Stowe Building that was closed last March by the city due to no work permits, no liquor permits and ended but screwing more than a few brides over.  Fox 4 problem solvers did a bit on this issue last spring.  I would look elsewhere for peace of mind.
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