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Country-Fall reception dinner

 I am having a Fall-Country wedding. My fiance and I are both country people and that is how both our families are. For the reception dinner we're thinking about having a chili buffet with all the different assorted toppings and extras. There would all sorts of different chili. But I was wondering if that would something that would go over good. Along with the chili there would be salad, dinner rolls, corn bread, and moustacholi.

Re: Country-Fall reception dinner

  • I feel like that could be pretty polarizing, especially if it's just beef.
    Have you considered BBQ? That's what we are doing, and it's very affordable.
  • When you say "all sorts of chili," are you talking about different protein sources like a vegetarian chili, a chili not made with beef, or a chili not made with pork/sausage?  Or are you talking about different heats?  I think if it's not the first, you have a very limited menu, even if you offer a super-mild chili all the way to the hottest of the hot.  Some people don't eat meat or don't eat red meat or pork, so unless you are absolutely 100% that all of your guests eat one protein, you need to have options for guests that meet their dietary requirements.

    Also, your menu seems kind of starch heavy - corn bread, rolls, mostacholi (with also would have beef/meat).  If you are also planning on rice or potatoes for the chili, your menu might need more veggies and light fare. 

    BBQ might give you the same feel - homey foods, but give you more flexibility to have a lot of options - chicken and beef or pork, grilled marinated veggies (portobellos, asparagus, peppers, etc.) 

  • If both your families like it, I say go for it - if need be, vegetarian chilies can be made.

  • Well....I hate chili, so I'd probably be pretty disappointed. I don't see anything wrong at all with serving it, but in general you need more choices especially since right now the main choice is not as universal as typical mainstays like grilled chicken, roast beef, etc. Doing something different is always good, but you have to be prepared to offer more options to cover a wide variety of tastes.
  • I think something as simple as offering a second or third "soup option" to the chili buffet would work: potato soup and chicken and wild rice soup would be good for fall....and with potato people could also use the chili toppings for that.
  • I don't know about you guys, but when I eat chilli, a numero dos is in the works soon after! But I do love the chilli... 
  • Sounds really cool! I'd make sure you have several chilli options (meat, poultry, veggie, no bean, and green, hot & mild) and one non chilli maybe a chicken corn chowder. Def do a salad, cornbread is a must, maybe biscuits, have rice, pasta even baked potatoes to put the chilli on. As for toppings  I'd include cheeses, red onions, scallions, jalapeno, sour cream, fresh salsa, avocado, tortilla strips, olives, cilantro, lime wedges. As long as you have options I think most people would enjoy it. I personally love these type of meals.

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  • Hi! I am a fall/country bride as well & I am so glad you posted this question. I want something different from the traditional BBQ at country weddings & this is the PERFECT solution!!
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