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Would it be strange to have lobster as a meal choice for dinner? Is it to messy? There are lots of juices that come out sometimes...but I LOVE LOBSTER, and just want to know if anyone would have like lobster with drawn butter on thier menu? It's a plated meal. I have a chicken,meat,vegetarian,and kids. I really want lobster though. Like bad..just need to know if it's a better idea for the wedding rehersal than it is for the wedding!!


  • steveandtasteveandta member
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    can you do like a surf and turf with an open lobster tail? may be a little less messy. or a lobster bisque soup before dinner? just a couple of options i can think of : )
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    I think lobster is a great option given the others you're serving. Instead of doing a whole (messy) lobster though, why not do grilled lobster tails or something more accessible to eat?

    Or lobster risotto. YUM.
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    I agree with PPs that it's fine to have lobster, but it would be better if people didn't have to open it up themselves if you're wedding is more formal.  Some people don't know how, and it can be pretty messy.  I would not want to open up my own lobster while wearing fancy clothing (or have the people around me getting pieces of their lobster on my nice clothes)--although I'd be ok with it at a more casual clambake-style reception.  

    I've had some pretty tasty lobster bisque, greens with warm lobster on top, and linguine with lobster, garlic, and olive oil.  I would talk to your caterer about other ways to incorporate lobster.  I've had lobster at a rehearsal dinner that was more casual, but I think the caterer cracked the shells so people had an easier time getting the meat out--something to look into if you go that route and have hard shell lobster.  

  • topchef33topchef33 member
    edited December 2011
    Lobster would be good as long as it's easy to eat. Maybe the chefs can take it out of the shell and place it back in so it's more for show. 

    I can't think of what it's called, but when FI does lobster he makes it so the meat is popped up out of the top of the tail shell.

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    Thanks guys :) It gives me lots to think about!
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    this is too funny because last night i was eating crab legs and i was like "see now i could never have crab or lobster for our wedding dinner because id look like a friggen pig" lol but hey not everyones as messy as me. i just cant  imagine being in everyones view ripping apart seafood and all that lol but if you can figure out a way to do it less messy go for it. otherwise go out for lobster the day after. or rehersal dinner? just an idea...
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    I LOVE lobster, but I think standard lobster is too messy if you are having a formal dress-up affair.  Not only do you have to wear a bib (or at least I do), your hands smell like lobster even after washing them. 

    Lobster tails would be better, or have lobster at the RD. 
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  • jerseydeviljerseydevil member
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    Agree with PPs - Lobster is delicious, but messy to eat in nice clothes. I would go for a lobster bisque soup or lobster tails.

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    Also make sure you have non-seafood options for people who may not like sea food :)
  • steffenfamsteffenfam member
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    Can I come?
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    Personally if I could afford it I totally would do it. Messy or not your guests would love it
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