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Muslim Weddings

traditions for Muslim wedding/ Halal reception halls in NY

My fiance is muslim and I am hindu/christian so I don't know the customs behind the ceremony....Is it ok to have the ceremony in the same place at the reception and on the same day? What sort of clothing do I have to wear for the ceremony and must my whole head me covered?

Also, does anyone know of any reception halls in NY that caters halal food, queens in particular?

Re: traditions for Muslim wedding/ Halal reception halls in NY

  • FarahS29FarahS29 member
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    edited December 2011
    Well it depends...I don't think your whole head has to be covered but you should ask the grooms family.  I guess it would also depend on if you are having an Islamic wedding where the men and women are separated, then you really wouldn't need to or just having a regular indo/pak wedding them depends on their customs but I doubt it. I think as long as you are appropriately dressed (covered in the right places) you should be fine.
  • shawwal6shawwal6 member
    edited December 2011
    It's up to what your fiance's family is used to.  It differs by each individual and family, with certain things being particular to the country/culture.

    Some people have their marriage ceremony at home.  Some have it in the masjid.  Some have it at their reception hall. 

    If you are having your marriage ceremony inside of a masjid, yes your head will be covered and all female guests because it is inside the masjid.  If you have it in your home or elsewhere, you can cover as you wish. 
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