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Anyone registering at Macys?

Has anyone been having trouble with items on your registry that are no longer available? I put things on my registry, they went on sale, and now when I go on it it says they aren't available anymore. Do they ever become available again or should I just remove them completely?


Re: Anyone registering at Macys?

  • Most of them do come back but some of the do not! We have luggage and other things that temporarily become unavailable but in a few days they show back up on the registry. But we also had some kitchen items that did not become available again after a couple of weeks so we removed them. I would just wait a week or so and see if it comes back or not and then make the decision as to remove it or leave it.
  • I registered at the old Marshall Fields location on State Street in Chicago (which was very fun)- and they had a few items (sheets are all I remember now) that aren't available online or in most stores.   I kept some of them on- just b/c the sheets were the perfect color. If we don't get them, I'll just buy them after the wedding.  

    I did register at Kohl's as well- and there were a dozen items that were listed as "no longer available" as soon as I got home!!

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  • I actually deleted my Macy's registry because after spending a super fun day registering with my fiance, I went home to see if it was online yet, and I learned that the store prices were not the same as the online prices.  In fact, there was a huge disparody on some items- for example, the stand mixer I registered for was $299 in store, but $400 online!  I couldn't justify asking my friends and family to spend way more than necessary for the same items that I found cheaper at Bed Bath and Beyond.  In my experience, people usually look at your registry online and decide what to buy you before going into the store to pick it up- if everything is marked up online, people don't want to spend that kind of money and then don't get it.  I found literally EVERYTHING i registered for except the Martha Stewart towels (exclusive to macys) at BBB.
  • yes, i've had the same problem with macy's!  it's annoying, but i guess the sales are good...
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    This usually means the item has been discontinued.  This is a common problem for people that register early.  
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