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Central New York

Vintage Car

My house, the ceremony, and reception are within walking distance of each other, so no transportation is needed on the day of. Once the guests are parked, they can literally walk around the village and whatnot, which is great. FI and I would like to rent a vintage car (rolls, Franklin, or whatever) for photos and to take us to the location where we're doing photos with the WP. We definitely don't need a huge limo for the two of us, plus our ceremony/reception and "theme" (for lack of better word) is more of the classic/vintage style.

Long story short, do you ladies know of any vintage car rental places in the Syracuse area? I'm at a loss here!

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Re: Vintage Car

  • I've worked for Enterprise for years and I can tell you even at the airport, they don't even have any luxury cars let alone classic/vintage.  I don't suppose you know anyone that has a car you could borrow?  I don't know when that big car show is they have around here but maybe that's an option to ask around...?  Good luck!
  • I doubt you'll find a "business" in upstate new york, but there are always classic car collectors. I would try to google a local car afficionado group and see if you can rent one from a person. I know Esperanza Mansion (all the way over in Penn Yan) has a vintage car that they use for weddings.
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  • Thanks!

    I knew this would be tough, but we do have the Franklin car club that comes here during the summer, so I might try them.


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  • I've also heard Esperanza has the vintage car available. Perhaps you could call them and rent it if they aren't already using it that day. Good luck! It sounds lovely. :)
  • I looked into vintage cars, and wasn't having much luck.  I found one -- Diamonds Limo.  They're based in Rochester, but will come out to Syracuse-area.  They have a 4 hour minimal rental and I was given a quote for $999 plus tax/tip for July 7th (my wedding day too, haha.)  I literally am looking to have it for like... an hour, so I wasn't interested.  Maybe you will be though.  It is a pretty cool looking antique car.  

    Here's the website:
    My Attempted Wedding Blog - http://aroseywedding.blogspot.com/
  • Clarence Henry Coach located in Watertown, NY has a vintage Bentley that we have booked for our wedding It's on their website and it's a beauty. Try them. It's $400 for 3 hours
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