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American Woman/Muslim Man/Pakistan Wedding=HELP


It is important to my fiance to have our wedding in Pakistan with his family and since my parents have both passed away I don't see harm in this but there are a lot of things that are scary for me including being over seas for the first time, meeting my future family for the first time, language barriers, difference in religion and culture, not having any of my family there with me, no champaign toast or alcohol, no music at the wedding, not being able to wear a traditional white wedding dress, and having NO idea of what to expect. I imagined my wedding a certain way but now it will be totally different and I am not sure how much choice I have in the elements of the wedding. Furthermore I doubt any of my family will attend so far away. The family I have here are not the closest but I always wanted them to be there.  I do not want to insult my future husbands family and want to align with their traditions but I also want some say in my own wedding. Can someone who has been to or had a traditional conservative (fiances family, not him) muslim wedding in Pakistan let me know what I could expect and how much input does a bride have? All answers welcome!  Thanks!

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    I know this doesn't really answer your post --and I'm sorry I can't really relate to exactly what you are going through. First off, I am sorry for the loss of both your parents and I am sorry that they will not be there with you on your wedding day. As for the rest of your family, have you considered having a reception with them here in the states after your wedding? My fiance is a muslim man from Turkey, and we have been over what our plans are many times. It would be impossible to get all of my family over there, or all of his family over here. Plus we have the language barrier, only his sister a couple of cousins speak English, where as in my family no one speaks Turkish, and I'm sad to say not even me. We ultimately decided on two small ceremonies, one for my family and our closest friends here at home. And then later on we will have another ceremony with his family in Turkey. If it is possible for you to afford it, I would say thats the way to go. That way, you can have a traditional wedding with his family, and then be able to have something more along the lines of what you have dreamed of. Plus, if you do it after the wedding... you're already married, it would be more of a party. You could pick out the dress you love and just celebrate with your husband, your family, and any/everyone else you want there.

    --I hope this helps.

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