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Did you stay in the same hotel as your guests?

We're getting married about an hour from the airport, and the day after our wedding we fly out for our honeymoon. (Not my choice - but work scheduling). 

Anyway, there are 2 hotels on site where I know 95% of guests staying in a hotel will be staying.  

Fiance and I were planning on taking a cab to the airport after the wedding and staying at a 5 star hotel beside the airport. 

Is this rude? Should I stay in the same hotel as my guests and just take the cab to the airport in the morning? 
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Re: Did you stay in the same hotel as your guests?

  • No, you're not expected to stay at the same hotel as your guests.  We didn't even stay in a hotel.  We stayed in our own house.
  • We did... but that's where our wedding took place :)

    It's not rude to stay at different hotels... if you guys want to go to the hotel near the airport go for it! 

  • No way. Stay at the five star hotel and there is nothing rude about that at all.  Do you know what would be really really rude?  Your guests expecting you to hang out with them at their hotel on your wedding night.  I did stay in the same hotel but my wedding was in a five star hotel.  I did not see my guests or hang out with them at all after the wedding.  
  • We stayed at the same hotel as our guests.  It was a casino hotel and we intentionally made the block there so we could go to the casino with our friends after, especially the ones that came in from OOT. 

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  • We got married in our hometown,but my Dad insisted on getting us a room ,his GF'S family were the only real oot guests who stayed over night(everyone else had an hr or 2 drive so they drove home)so my dad booked his gf's family in a dif hotel then us,but they were in one right across the street.
  • We had blocks at 2 hotels, but our guests ended up staying at 5 different hotels.

    We hosted a post-wedding brunch for the WP and select OOT guests at the hotel we stayed at, so because of that (and the casino attached) several guests stayed there but we didn't see anyone until the brunch
  • Our wedding is still to come but we will stay in the same hotel as our reception and room block. I assume most of our OOT guest will stay in that hotel as well because the room block rate is significantly lower than any other room in town.
  • No, its fine.  We stayed at a B&B on our wedding night.  We knew we did not want to continuing partying.  We wanted alone time.  It was a chance to relax together after the excitement and craziness of the day.  It was perfect!
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  • we stayed at the same  hotel as our guests the night of the wedding. we had a bus to and from the reception site and had a brunch the next morning.
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  • Considering you have to do an hour ride to the airport after the wedding, I would just stay local that night and go to the airport in the morning.  Your guests won't expect you to hang out with them all night, but the LAST thing you will want to do after your wedding is ride an hour to the airport that night.  You'll really want to be around your friends who love you for a little while after the reception. Keep your dress on, let people congratulate you and tell you how beautiful you look.  Don't get in a cab for an hour and miss all of that!  Stay local and enjoy your friends - they came a long way to see you.

    If you didn't have to do an hour cab ride, I would say stay in the 5 star hotel and let them fall all over themselves serving you!!  We got a block of rooms in various price points like most people do and stayed in a fancy suite in the 5 star hotel!  Our families and some friends stayed there too and it was nice to have them there in case we needed anything - they were all incredibly helpful.  We ended up needing a lot of last minute help even though I thought I was on top of everything!

    Your guests won't bother you if you want to crash before they do - they are there to enjoy their time at your big event too.  Get the best room at the local hotel and save your money for an upgraded room on your honeymoon!
  • We will be staying at the same hotel as our guests.  We are getting married in our home town but most of the wedding party is from out of town and all of my side is from out of town.  We picked this hotel because it has dancing so we can or our guests can continue the party if they want too.  Also we are paying for a brunch the next morning as a thank you to everyone traveling and it also means they get an even bigger discount on their room.
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