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Why NOT to Pick a Top Wedding Photographer

I just attended a wedding where the couple hired the "top" wedding photographer in Toronto. He is listed on all the best of the best web sites, and is a huge name in Toronto. I will admit I even considered going with that company at one point, because their pictures are stunning. They also had a top videographer.

As a guest, I really wished they had gone with someone else. They ruined the entire wedding for me. During the ceremony, the photographer was constantly going up and down the aisle, taking pictures using a one-legged tripod. The photographer and his assistants were all over the place, and distracting. But the worst part is that they blocked my view. I missed the vows completely, barely saw her come down the aisle, and saw their first kiss through the screen of the camera. I was very close to the front of the church, so I feel worse for the people at the back of the church.

During the reception, I once again missed everything, and I was in the first row of tables! It was frustrating, and if it had been polite, I would have left my seat so I could see their first dance.

Yes, they got amazing pictures, and a lot of them, but they sacrificed the experience for the guests by doing that. At my wedding, the photographers were ninjas, and left us wondering how they even took some shots! My guests even commented on how unobstructive my photographers were.

If you are flipping through a photographer's work, think about where the photographer was standing to take that picture. Ask how they work in the church, and their ninja skills!

Re: Why NOT to Pick a Top Wedding Photographer

  • Definitely raises an interesting view point, Petite.  I guess it really depends on what is important to the couple for the day. As guest, I'd be pretty disappointed not to be able to view all that you mentioned.
  • funny you wrote this coz that's the concersation I have to have with my videographer and photographer.  I went to a wedding last month and the videographer was really annoying.  So in the face of the couple and I definitely don't want that even if it means that he films further away.  I want him to capture the moment not interrupt any moments with his glaring light in our faces.
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  • petite, i wonder if we were at the same wedding...or that the weddings we were at had the same photographer/videographer. it's a shame when the experience is ruined.
  • I went to a wedding last weekend and at the ceremony it was a small tight corner!!!  The photographer and his assistant had no room to move around in to take any shot so they got in the way!  But they have to do their job and get those shots or else there would be complaints about the pictures!  I've been to wedding where the guests get in the way of the photographers, the couple and DJ had to remind them to stand clear of them.
  • yea i agree. i didnt even like the pictures that came out of my cousins wedding and her photographer was expennnsiiiveee and rude too
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    It's a good point to consider. I don't mind if the photographer gets in close for a few shots and then move away, as a bride I want good photos to remember my day. They are being paid to do their job and they have the couple in mind and couple's preference. But if they are like what you described then I am sure no one is going to ask the bride who their photographer is. 

    I know someone who paid a good amount for their photographer - not top $ but more than I budgeted - their photographer was really good at the daytime shots, and that's what was posted on their website but their photos in the reception where it was dim lighting were really poor. When I was looking for my photographer, I always check to see if a photographer post photos from the evening and how many. 
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