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Honeymoon next week===HURRICANE :(

The forecast says rain Sunday-Sunday in Cancun next week. I am super excited abvout staying at The Royal but there is supposed to be a hurricane!!  Change the weather someone!!!!

Re: Honeymoon next week===HURRICANE :(

  • Did you buy trip insurance? If so, and depending on the terms of it (can you cancel for any reason, weather, etc?), you could always look into cancelling and re-booking.

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  • I hadn't thought of that! That's an idea! At this point I think we are so excited that canceling just isn't an option!
  • Is it a hurricane or does it just say rain? We weather stalked before our HM as well and everyday it said rain and t-storms. When we were there, though, it only rained one day for 1 hour.
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  • I agree with Amanda. THe huriccane is headed towards the US not Mexico. When we went it showed rain every day and had a short afternoon shower every day and the rest was gorgeous!


  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-boards_honeymoon_honeymoon-next-weekhurricane?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding BoardsForum:11Discussion:dc090eb7-d9a4-4a35-8f68-514b141d9be3Post:b589553d-d58b-402a-ad61-7e153c14c3bb">Re: Honeymoon next week===HURRICANE :(</a>:
    [QUOTE]Is it a hurricane or does it just say rain? We weather stalked before our HM as well and everyday it said rain and t-storms. When we were there, though, it only rained one day for 1 hour.
    Posted by Amanda1443994[/QUOTE]

    Ditto this;  we were there a week after a hurricane was supposed to touch down (and did but not as bad as predicted); and we had amazing weather
  • the hurricane is headed to florida, not mexico. it's normal for it to rain in cancun this time of year. usually it's just for a short time in the afternoon-or it could not rain at all, or rain all day. you're never guaranteed good weather unfortunately.


  • I agree with the PPs who said not to worry. Cancun is relatively far to the west of the cone of uncertainty for this tropical storm -- it's much more likely to come up through Cuba to the west coast of Fla, and generally the heavier rain is to the east of the eye, not way to the west. Plus it should be long gone from even putting clouds over Cancun by Monday. short of a direct hit, the weather in Cancun is like the weather in Florida or even here in NC (or Atlanta) sometimes -- one shower in the afternoon, just when you want to go get ready for dinner anyway. It may rain for all or most of a day, or rain in the morning, but just take that day to take the bus to the market downtown or to sleep late and order room service (or both!).

    And if Isaac becomes a hurricane, it's unlikely to be greater than a Category 1. So the winds and storm wouldn't be any worse than your typical thunderstorm, and probably wouldn't even be that bad -- just rain. But really, Cancun isn't in the target for Isaac.
  • We canceled our honeymoon twice last fall due to hurricanes. But they were both category 3 when we were ready to fly there. If it turns into a hurricane, you may want to reschedule. Even a month later, our honeymoon was still wonderful. And we took a mini-moon to Arizona (using points) for a few days right after our wedding so we still had that time together. Don't worry!
  • we were supposed to go to st lucia tomorrow and our flights got cancelled for our honeymoon and they couldn't get us another flight.  We're going to SC for a honeymoon and then rescheduling St Lucia for next year.  Kinda a bummer but we were fortunate we had the ability to go somewhere else and now we have a story to tell!  Can't control weather!
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