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PSA for NOT using The Sweet Divine--little bit long

The Sweet Divine is a cake/sweets shop in Barnhart, MO. She works all over the metro area.

FI and I met with Jenna, the owner, back in February. We liked her immediately and the one cake she brought fr us to taste was extra yummy. We had also asked to taste the spice cake, but she forgot it. She met us at a Bread Co in Arnold for the tasting. Anyway, we went ahead and put down a $100 deposit for a cake and sweets buffet.

Soon after, she launched Georgie, her food truck, and apparantly this has become her priority. Since she launched that truck, she has been very difficult to reach by email or phone, and we've had several "misunderstandings."

My son's 5th birthday was in March. I emailed her asking her to do a cake shaped like a lego brick. I was specific in my email the date I needed this cake. She emailed back promptly and told me that would be fine, gave me a price, and said we would meet up the day before and I culd pick up the cake. She mentioned she had some other deliveres that weekend. So that Thursday (I had wanted said cake on Saturday), I emailed because I hadn't heard from her about when/where to meet. I emailed again on Friday morning, and Saturday morning and I called her. I finally received an email on Sunday (after my son's party with home-made cupcakes), saying that she was sorry but she thought I wanted the cake the next weekend. By this time, FI was pissed and wanted to find a new baker. I said I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding and it would be fine.

Fast forward to the end of July. I emailed her a list of questions to bgin finalizing things for the wedding. Never heard back from her, except a quick email saying she didn't have time to respond. We even drove into the city (we live in Wentzville) to see her at Food Truck Friday. She promised she would email me back within a week. Never heard back from her, and I sent a reminder email. Finally I heard back rom her (about 3 weeks after m first email). She suggested we meet in person to finalize the details. I said ok, and cleared mine and FI's schedule to drive all the way to Barnhart to her home/studio. It's at least an hour rive from our house. Never got t find out thought because she cancelled at the last minute because she had to drive the truck the next day. I emailed her back, expressing my concern about her lack of communication and her aparrant lack of concern for my wedding. She emailed me back the next day and didn't apologize, but said that it wasn't customary to schedule a 2nd consult, and that everything could be finalized by email. I emailed her back, reminded her that I sent her a list of questions and menu items a MONTH PRIOR that had never been responded to, and SHE was the one who suggested a 2nd consult. I told her I would be finding a new baker and asked for my deposit back because I didn't feel like she was holding up her end of the bargain. She refused of course, because it's non-refundable.

We ended choosing a different baker, even though we lost our deposit. J. Noto's in St. Chares is totally awesome, and very affordable. He was more than willing to help us out, even on short notice. Even though I ate $100, it was worth it to me to not give her any more of my business.
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Re: PSA for NOT using The Sweet Divine--little bit long

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    Definitely worth it in the long run to lose the $100.00 deposit to guarantee youwill have a cake on your wedding day!
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    I can also attest to J. Noto's in St. Charles being absolutely awesome! He's my preferred baker partner, and I also have ordered cakes from him. Kudos on your decision to switch bakers; good decision in the long run. I am actually promoting The Sweet Divine as a partner wedding vendor, but after your review, I'm having second thoughts about referring her to my brides! She seems to be doing great with the sweets truck, but maybe she should just stick to that. Best wishes - Amanda

    Amanda M Kar | Amkar Photography | St. Louis, MO | www.amkarphoto.com
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