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My FI & I are currently long distance, and we're not sure when/if we'll be able to close the distance before the wedding. He lives at home with his parents. I live in a small 2 bedroom apartment, and my parents live on the other side of the country. We'll be getting married near his parents, but they don't have any spare room. 

I know "etiquette" says to send gifts to the bride's house... but we'd have to pack them all up and move them to where he is, pending job opportunities for us. I mean, I could be moving there, or he could be moving here, or, we could be moving to a different city/state all together!

Any suggestions?? We're getting married October 2013, so, we still have some time to figure it out, but I'm lost! 

Re: Where??

  • Either suggest that they be shipped to you when you register, or your FI.  It doesn't make sense to have them shipped to your parents' house if neither of you live there. Just do what makes the most sense. Pretty simple.
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    Closer to your wedding you will have a better idea of where you will be living. Then use that address for your registry. You can put that address on your website and reply envelopes.
  • Are you having a shower?  If so, where will that be?  If you're not having a shower, maybe you should scrap the registry.  That way people will give you cash and then you can use that to purchase what you need once you guys know where you'll be living.  
  • There's no real etiquette. We had ours shipped to my parent's house only because they live close by and we moved 3 weeks after our wedding, so it made the most sense to have them there, that's all.
  • We're having ours shipped to my parents' house because it's the closest place to where we live currently.  Plus we're moving after the wedding, so having them shipped to my apartment or his wasn't an option.  Do whatever's easiest and most convenient for you and your FI.  
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  • Do what's easiest and makes the most sense for you and your FI.  Most of the gifts that I've bought from registries, I have no idea where it's being shipped to - they usually ask if you want to ship to registrant address on file or ship to a typed in address.  I doubt people would be judging you for where you ship to.  

  • If I were you, I would get it shipped to my place... because you don't know where you will be living after marriage, this makes sense that you could either live in your city (in this case, convinient place to get gifts shipped).

    Since your future in laws don't have spare room, in this case you have to move your gifts to other appartment, where you will be living after marriage...

    For me, getting it shipped on your ppartment will be the best option. 
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