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Central New York

Jimmy C's Music Machine

I am wondering if anyone has any experience with Jimmy C's Music Machine based out of Rochester... They offer 3 in 1 packages of photo/video/ and DJ... I can't find any reviews online. We just booked with them... and I am starting to get nervous... I've looked around and in order to get all 3 of those services it would have been way out of our price range. I really like their work and have checked them out online and on youtube I guess I'm just looking for reviews on how they were business wise and dealing with them cause their product seems pretty decent.

Re: Jimmy C's Music Machine

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    To me they are like Wallmart of wedding industry. They want to do everything. But when you are a Jack of all trades, you are a master of none. I knw a DJ that works for them sometimes, he is really good. He does my wedding in august. You should request him if he is available :) when is your wedding?
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    Our wedding is July 15th.. see I would normally agree with that but its seperate people in charge of each thing just all under 1 company.. I am just going to go with them and hope for the best because otherwise I wont get everything because the budget just doesn't allow for it unless its this package.. I am going to have faith lol
  • Wondering how Jimmy C's worked out for you? I am apprehensive about using an all in one company. I fear they  may be a master of no trade as well anxious to hear any review on them googled some and found a mixed bag of reviews, the price is great eager to know if their work is worth my commitment.

  • I used Jimmy C's for my wedding back in November. They were amazing! In matter of fact they actually saved the day... a lot of things went wrong on my wedding day: the limo driver got lost, we started the ceremony almost 2 hours late, the church was not set up when I got there, my sister (matron of honor) was 7 months pregnant and spent the formal picture time throwing up, our limo driver almost left us at the place where we were taking pictures, our reception site did not have anything set up when I got there and in the end it was the staff at Jimmy C's that made sure that everything was where it needed to be and it looked great and most people were none the wiser.

    They are very proficient at weddings. If you are worried that because they are an all in one company and that they do not have an actual speciality I would totally disagree. I had one woman that was in charge of all of my pictures from the first day that I walked into their office, one that was in charge of the video, and a different crew of guys that did my DJ'ing. They all were very professional and worked with my husband and I from months before the wedding all the way through the day and after.

    If you're worried about the quality of their work I would suggest to look at their website and their facebook account. My pictures are up there and I got nothing but great reviews from my family and friends. The photographer even took the time to go around the room and to get pictures of all of the couples and families so that I could send my guests pictures of them that they could keep to capture what they were like on our wedding date.

    The video came out great! We went without any editing and got the raw video because we wanted to see everything, the good, the bad, and the ugly but in the end it all came out great. Our videographer did on the spot editing and did some takes of different things. There are some memories on the video that I didn't get to see that day and some that I think are a little embarassing but still cool none the less.

    Our DJ did a great job too. He had a pre-made disk of our must have played songs along with all of the ceremonial songs so that nothing was missed. He took requests from our guests and he let us dance until the last minute. He was so used to crowds that he was able to play off of our military wedding without even being told to. He recommended games for us to play (the shoe game actually, which we never heard of before) and the anniversary dance. Our guests had a great time :)

    I would not be worried at all with the staff at Jimmy C's. They will walk you through your day if you need the help and they will take your demands/wants/desires and work with you to get you what you want. I had never heard of them before the bridal expo at the dome and walked in with faith that they were there for us from that point on.

    I would recommend them 110%!
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