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Buying your own reception alcohol

Hi ladies, 

Just curious if those of you who are providing the alcohol for your reception are planning to bring it with you from home, or if you are going to make arrangements to place an order with a store ahead of time, or if you are just going to go shopping when you get there...?  

Re: Buying your own reception alcohol

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    Prices are higher in OBX than home in Buffalo - so we plan to bring our alcohol with us.  We are planning on having a "drink of the day" everyday - just like on a cruise ship!   (Not to hijack this thread - but I'd love to hear everyone's drink ideas!).   
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    We brought all of ours with us just because it was cheaper.  We just made sure we had the main things covered (tequila, vodka, rum) plus a few others and mixers for everything.  We also had a frozen drink machine which was a HUGE hit of you have access to one or can rent one.  There is a company that rents them but I can't remember the name.  I think its on the OBX wedding association website though.  Everyone used that thing all week long and we just added whatever liquor we wanted. 
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    How much alcohol did everyone end up buying for how many guests?  What about dividing it up between champagne, liquor, beer, wine, etc?  I am thinking of bringing my own liquor and then having the bartender supply ice/mixers... has anybody done that?
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    We're bringing all our own stuff and we didn't hire a bartender.  We have big galvanized tubs for the beer, water, and sodas with ice.  The house we rented has a cabana bar next to the pool (where we are having the reception), so we plan on putting out all the liquor, wine, and mixers on the bar so people can serve themselves.  Also going to make chalk boards with ingredients to our favorite drinks so people can help themselves.  However, the wedding is going to be pretty small (30 people), so hopefully it doesn't get too crowded at the bar!
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    We are supplying the alcohol, and FH does homebrew beer, but we may also pick up some in Deleware on the way down (no sales tax)  and we using a bartender with mixers ($6.50pp) . As for wine, we plan on getting Malbec at the local store that does a special 15 or 20% off a case.
    RealSimple has a wedding alcohol calculator for 50, 100 & 150 guests:
    If all the beer bottles aren't twist-off, make sure to have bottle openers readily accessible! (maybe attached with a rope to the tubs?)
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    Thanks everyone for the great ideas and info!!
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