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New York-Hudson Valley

Mount Gulian and Apple Barn Farm

Hi Everyone,

My hunt for a wedding venue continues (will it ever end?!?!)  and I'm looking for some reviews on Mount Gulian and Apple Barn Farm.  I've already googled and checked old knot and weddingbee posts but I'm not finding much.

Is anyone else considering these places for your wedding?

As always, thanks for your help!!

Re: Mount Gulian and Apple Barn Farm

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    Mount gulian historic site is fabulous.E-mail:[email protected], and I will send you all the info.
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    Hey there -

    I visited Apple Barn Farm a few weeks ago. The barn is cool - it opens up on both ends so that you can see the fields, and is also two stories, which could be good or bad. It gives you more room for seating, but also separates your guests.  Frankly, I found the site coordinator to be very, very difficult to work with - when we met with her for our visit, she talked for 30 minutes straight before we could get a word in edgewise, and much of that included her vision for our day - it was her way or the highway. She also has a list of 4 caterers that you are required to choose from, but she would not share their names with us when we asked because she said we would steal that information and host our own event elsewhere...which is not super helpful when trying to calculate total costs, etc..  I'm sure it would be a gorgeous site if you are willing to deal with a challenging personality.

    Good luck!
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    Does anyone have any information on the Mount Gulian Estate. The rates and detailed information. I think it is a beautiful place but not sure if it is in the lower or higher price range. I am also going to see Shadow Mountian Farms this Monday. It looks like a great place but only seats up to 120 ppl. Mount Gulian seats 150.... is that right?  Thank you guys so much!!!
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    My daughter just got married this June at ABF.  The location is beautiful but the Management Staff is very difficult to work with.  There are two sisters one is nice and the other is rude and crude. The contract is confusing and misleading.  If you are trying to work in a budget go somewhere else.  The hidden cost will kill you. Everything is extra and if you do not want to do all the leg work yourself, nothing will get done because they are not good at details.  If I knew then what I know now I wold have RUN. Beware of all  cost and get everything in writing.  Good luck with your wedding.
  • Try these event producers:  Greengage Marmalade.  End-to-end production of events including a barn venue with view like no other site---Germantown, NY.  The site was originally a DIY, hence the lack of pictures, but Greengage is now managing the property and are also the caterers. They have a lot of real experience and have some nice certifications and are members of NACE.  The barns can hold smallish weddings of 100 or less OR you can have a cocktail reception incorporating the barn and a tent on the site close to a pond and with views of the Catskills.  [email protected]
    Hope this helps.
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