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wine box

has anyone done the love letter wine box ceremony? i think it is a really cute idea and different then the usual unity candle/ sand. im just not sure how to put it in the ceremony without having to explain the whole thing to every one. i thought about putting a section in our programs about it, just looking for some opinions! thanks

Re: wine box

  • cschuma2cschuma2 member
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    Not everyone reads the program or even takes one.  I would still have the officiant give a 30 second run through of what is going on so nobody is lost.  I don't think it will slow down the ceremony much if at all.  You can elaborate more in the program if you have some additional details that you want to add.
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    what is it if you dont mind me asking? I have not heard of this.

  • rak123rak123 member
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    I don't think it would take that long for a quick explanation.

    i really want to do this as well! But I dont think I can talk the FI into it. 
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  • amw213amw213 member
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    the wine box ceremony just 2 wine glasses in a box with a bottle of wine, the night before the ceremony you and the groom are supposed to write a letter to each other about your feelings and about the upcoming wedding. during the ceremony you put the letters in the box and lock it and the only way it is to be opened is if you two run into marriage trouble, then your supposed to sit down and drink the bottle of wine together and then go into different rooms and read what each of you wrote to each other the night before your wedding. if you never need to open the box, your supposed to share it together on your 25th wedding anniversary... pretty cute huh:)
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    Oh my gosh, I never heard of that before.  It's such a beautiful idea. :)
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    I love this so cute:)
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    Wow I LOVE this idea! 
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