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So we have over a year til the big day.  Any of you starting to feel like there is no way you can live, breathe, sleep, eat, wedding stuff for that long??  

Don't get me wrong.  I love the fact I'm gonna be marrying the man I love but maaaan....I never thought wedding planning would be so consuming.  There are times when I am energetic and excited about it but then there are times when I've been researching wedding stuff on the computer and 3 hours have flown by!  (No I'm not at work when I'm doing this.)

People say you should take a designated day off a week for you and your fiance's sanity but my mind always goes back to wedding planning!  

If you feel me at all on this let me know.  I LOVE knowing that I'm going to marry my man but I HATE the fact that I'm obsessing and becoming a little bit of a b....ridezilla!
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Re: Love/Hate

  • This is my 2nd time around and trust me it will get done.  Something will go wrong.  So try not to stress out to much.  At the end of the day you will still be married. 

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  • mpicklmpickl member
    500 Comments First Anniversary Name Dropper
    Yup! I just about punched my computer yesterday trying to make a decision on iinvitations. Ick. Some things I wish would just sort out themselves. :)
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  • APDSS22APDSS22 O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A is OK member
    Fifth Anniversary 1000 Comments 500 Love Its First Answer
    Yeah I keep waiting for my stuff to just kinda get itself together. :)

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