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Idk if this can be done?Help.

So while on vacation, my aunt gave me a ring. Not just an ordinary ring, a ring that once belonged to my great grandmother then grandma,and my mom and now my aunt. Well it's very pretty nothing i thought i would like, its 18k gold and has two small side diamonds and one bigger one. The problem is the larger diamond fell out and has to be put back in,we have the diamond.
Okay sorry long story, so the question is my bf asked me, what if he put a new diamond in it as an engagment ring. Well so i'm wondering would the diamond have to be the same size or could they put a larger one in it, would that mean them having to change the ring??

Re: Idk if this can be done?Help.

  • Because he suggested doing that. Yea thats what I figured,Thank you.
  • I don't understand why you'd buy a new diamond? It's not like they get scratched or degrade over time. If anything, people keep the heirloom stones and put them in a new setting. 

    Regardless, I think whether you'd be able to put a larger stone in would depend on the setting. Are the smaller stones set far enough apart? Are the prongs long enough/spaced appropriately? You'd probably have to take it to a jeweller and ask.
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  • I think if you're not a fan of the ring maybe use the diamonds and reset them. Usually the diamonds are the important park (heirloom), not as much the ring.
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  • You can totally put a smaller one in.  You can't go bigger though.  The setting won't allow it.
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  • Thanks everybody, I finally had it fixed. They put a new diamond to replace the small one on the side because it was crushed and they were able to fix the prongs to put the original diamond back in. I love it and love wearing it!
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