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Feeling so productive!

I went and got postage for our invites today and have figured out exactly what needed to be added to our invites to make them amazing! Now this weekend is assembly time. Everything is printed, addressed, and ready to go, I just need to assemble and seal!

I have also finished the bouquets which was a huge accomplishment. We met with our pastor last night and have the ceremony planned out. I just feel super productive and felt like sharing!

Re: Feeling so productive!

  • Congrats!  Those are big checks off the list !!   I was just telling a co-worker friend a few minutes ago that I feel like I haven't done enough yet !!    I feel like I've done a TON, but there is still SO much to do. 
  • Congrats!!!!
    @ cmgilpin - I hear you... I felt like I had done so much there was nothing else to do, so I stopped wedding planning, and now my list seems longer than it was to begin with!!
  • Congrats on all the great checks!  I kind of feel bad that our destination wedding just has the "Pick a package and just show up" thing going on because I miss out on being able to do so much.... but at least I can live vicariously through everyone else.  :-)
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  • Yay for productive wedding days :-)  Just a word of caution - wait until the last possible moment to *actually* seal and put names on the envelopes.  I had to re-do several b/c relationship statuses changed.  There was also a girl on my month board whose H was helping assemble and they got their lines of communication crossed so some got sealed without all the pieces in them - better to leave them open and give yourself the opportunity to double check!
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