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heels in grass

Okay so I haven't been to alot of outdoor weddings so I need help in knowing how are heels dealt with for guest and bridal party. I do not want to wear flats or even suggest it

Re: heels in grass

  • Let your guests know the venue is outdoors and they will deal with it on their own.  As for your BM, request a color and allow them to pick their own footwear but remind them that they will be standing in grass so they may want to look for flats, wedges, or a thick heel.
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  • Invest in a pair of solemates (see link below).  that will help with sinkage, but will not solve the problem.  Also, put on your wedding website (if you have one) that the event is outdoors and in grass.  that should deter your guests from wearing heels. 


    I am buying the following item for the "aisle" issue.  It is PRICEY.  You can also rent carpeted aisle runners from most event rental places.. but, they normally only have them in red.  

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    I have a hard time in heels and so do a lot of other people. I let my girls pick any shoe that can be dyed so that way they were comfortable and didn't feel like they were going to fall!

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  • Have your BMs stand on a flat stone or wooden piece during the ceremony. It'll help with the heels sinking and it will also mark the places for them to stand! As for your guests, I would say that they will use their own discretion, just make sure you make them fully aware of the environment! 
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  • "Wedding on the Lawn."
    " Heels are not recommended".We kind of word it that way in our invites

    We can't be any more clear,let's see how many women will wear heels,at our wedding.
  • We did wedges at a wedding I were in and we didnt have a problem. Otherwise I second the the idea of the solemates but she is right when she says they will only help out not solve the problem.
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    In Response to Re: heels in grass:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: heels in grass : I wore Solemates and they worked great, even on soft, wet ground. Aislerunners on grass are a serious tripping hazard. The grass is soft so the runner sinks in around the foot, and can get caught on the shoe. Go lay a sheet in the grass and try to walk along it in heels if you aren't sure what I mean. Maybe a very heavy runner that won't sink at all and is tacked down would be okay, but it is worth a trial walk before rolling it out the day of.
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    Don't buy a traditional aisle runner for use in the grass.  You WILL sink right through it and it is a HUGE tripping hazard.  I brought a couple of my house rug runners out to the park we are using for our ceremony and walked back & forth in heels.  I didn't have the sinkage problem or rug movement problem.  The runners I'm actually buying for the wedding have rubber backing and also have grommets at the end and will be actually staked down into the grass (similar to tent stakes). 

    They are an EXPENSIVE option though.  I'm spending almost $400.00 on aisle runners because of the distance of grass I have to cover.    And if your reception is in grass, that won't solve the issue for any guests.  This only solves the "walking down the aisle" issue.

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  • I am doing a flip flop basket. Sounds tacky but its a beach wedding so I have a white wooden bin thing and there is a sign on it that will say "Kick off your heels and dance" Inside its full of different size flip flops that match my wedding colors. I found the flip flops at the dollar store actually!
    My guest know that its outdoors and on my wedding website I mention to dress your best, comforts will be provided.
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  • Wedges work, but I am going to be wearing cowgirl boots. Flats wouldn't be tacky either. And flip flops would work. Nothing will look tacky. As long as you are comfortable and are able to enjoy your wedding.
  • We did the flip flop type but they were nice Rhinestoney flip flops and they went with the dresses that had a halter type of neckline and were a below the knee length.  It all worked out, the guests were outside for the ceremony and then we had a huge building rented for the reception so everybody was inside for the most part. 
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    I have custom ordered embroidered/personalized tennis shoes! Im not a very traditional bride but I made a promise to myself long ago that I would be as comfortable AND as beautful as possible!  I love this style of shoe and have been buying them for over 15 years so I know I cant go wrong here!
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