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Rehearsal dinner on a budget

Im doing my own rehearsal dinner. I would like some ideas for food and activities. We are inviting 38 but I think about 24 may come. 

Please share your ideas for a DIY rehearsal dinner. We are cooking the food and there wont be any liquor. 

Re: Rehearsal dinner on a budget

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    At my first one we did homemade spag, salad, garlic bread, and homemade cake.  Pasta can be done ahead of time for a crowd on a budget.  Good luck.
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    We had about the same amount of people attend our RD and we did a backyard Caribbean BBQ. My mom and aunt made chicken, ribs, shrimp, various salads and desserts. It was delicious and a lot more fun than going to a fancy restaurant.
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    I'm with PP we already planned for my mother to make lasagna, garlic bread, and salad. I am having two small grooms cakes in vanilla and chocolate for dessert. No activities are needed just the toasts and social time. Mom might feed up to 30 and it should cost less than $80 including the wine toast we are doing. Now we might have to rent the local Rec center due to the original location going up for sale possibly so that cost might make it more.
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    I had promised my dad his favorite fried chicken at some point during the wedding festivities so that is what we had for the RD. We just bought some buckets of chicken and a few sides. It worked out well and was pretty cheap.
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    My favorite go-to meal for a large crowd is a taco bar.
    Add beans/rice and you are set for not a lot of money.
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    I need input on the rehearsal dinner. We have family from out-of-town that will be flying in. My mom said that all of them will need to be at the rehearsal dinner. However, I feel as though the rehearsal dinner will now be as large as the wedding reception because most of the family will be from out-of-town. I thought rehearsal dinners were mainly for the wedding party and immediate relatives. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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    Its for those that need to reherse and their spouses and children. If they aren't participating actively in the wedding and aren't related to someone who is then they don't need to be there
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