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second guessing dress :(

first lets just say i did NOT  have a great dress shopping exp
The org dress i wanted was something like this  replace black with white)

BUT you can only order these dresses online and out of the country (and you cant try it on)...if you do get one of these made...it cost a insane amount of money
so i figured i would find a renaissance themed dress...went to many many dress shops and no luck and hardly got any help
I went to AA and found my dress (shown below) on my OWN because the sales women there (all of them) were to busy fussing on another bride.....I tried the dress on myself with BM help
anyways....I loved this dress, had to have it knew it was mine
but since i didnt try on very many dresses i feel like maybe i am missing out
maybe i should have tried more on
i am can no way no how afford another dress
i think i am second guessing my dress because when it came in ...it looked like i was stuffed in it sorta ...well not really.....but the backfat really REALLY bothered me...because when you go to try on dresses they usually dont have a plus size and just pin you up in it ...so i didnt realize the back was lower on it....
so anyone else second guessing? btw this is my wedding dress .......

i plan on adding flowing bell sleeve to it

Re: second guessing dress :(

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!  Don't question it at all!
  • I second guessed my dress. Then again I second guess almost everything. I am really indecisive. I had to try on my dress twice before I bought it. I think you just need to get it and try it on and once you see it with the sleeves, you will love it again. I think almost everyone has second thoughts about their dress. Its a big commitment! That wears off once you get the dress and go to the fittings. Out of country dress makers are really hit or miss. Unless you have the money / time to take a chance on it - I would just stick to your choice. I love it. I'm sure you will love it too once its all put together. 
  • I second guessed my dress.  I actually was thinking about going out and buying another dress...  to the point where I went to three bridal appointments after my original dress was already ordered and had arrived at the store.   I went to three other salons, tried on probably 25 more gowns... went back to my original salon and tried on my dress again... and brought it home that day.    Even though I still second guess my dress choice...   nothing even came close to making me as happy as that one.

    So...   I think you should trust your gut.  Your dress is beautiful.  I actually think you will be happier with it than you would have been the renaissance dress.  Your Alfred Angelo dress is much more "bridal"and less "costume".  I know you are having a ren themed wedding... but, I think once you put your gown on... you will remember that you are a beautiful bride and not playing dress up.  :)

    For what its worth.. the dress you bought was in my top 5 after looking online... but, none of the stores I went to had it for me to look at.    It's absolutely beautiful.
  • I have been second guessing my dress also. I hadn't seen it since January when I picked it up from the store and sent it to my parents house. Yesterday, I just jumped in the car and drove to my parents house to try on my dress. Now that I have seen it and tried it on again, I feel sooo much better. I would definitely recommend trying your dress on again to see how you feel about it now!

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    Second guessing is normal, so don't worry about that.

    As for the back fat, it's a fear of my own.  First, proper fitting is key here.  The worry is common in larger brides, but I've seen pictures of stringbean Hollywood starlets with the same problem: it really is about fit, more than your weight.  If the dress is a bit small, talking to a seamstress adding a corset back may help.

    If you're still worried, a wrap or opaque/multilayer veil (or really long hair) can help cover the spot, but I think you'd be better off focusing on fitting - the back of that dress is too gorgeous to hide.
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  • I second guessed my dress also. While I wanted something simple, I feel like, in a way, I had to settle. It was not even a budget issue because I would've spent a little more for the dress than what I did. But I felt like I had limited options because of my size. I like the dress I have and feel like it is quite slimming, which is good. I just wish there was more sparkle or pizazz to it... the more I look at it, the more it seems "plain Jane".
  • jmp2004jmp2004 member
    I purchased it several years ago when I was engaged to someone else, but I still love the dress and think it's fabulous.

    Then I started second guessing it a couple weeks ago, wondering if it was right to marry a man in a dress I bought to marry someone else.  So my mom and I went dress shopping, I tried a couple on, and just wasn't feeling them.  That weekend I went to my mom's and tried my dress on for the first time in a couple years, and it was still fantastic.  I put it on and felt wonderful.

    Long story short, I think it's normal to second guess yourself, but in the end...you'll know what's right.
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