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I want to wear heels (like maybe 3") for the ceremony, but don't wear them all the time, so may not last the entire reception wearing them.  I know I can wear low heels but I won't feel as "sexy" in them.  My top choices are the higher heels, but must admit that I have found some cute shoes that are lower.

Alright...to get to my question.  If I were to get the higher shoes and then switch shoes when my feet get tired will I be tripping over my dress if it's made to wear with 3" heels and then I switch to flats, or something lower?  What are you guys doing?

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  • Because I have problem with my left knee and my right ankle, I am not even thinking about anything higher than 2". And I will definitively change for a heeled flip flop if I feel more comfortable. I really want to enjoy the reception to the max!!!
  • To be safe, get a comfy wedge heel of about 3 inches or even get a cute heeled flip flop, and bling it out with your color ribbon or rhinestones :) Thats what I did.
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    While shoe shopping for my wedding, a good friend reminded me that you will be in those shoes for probably 6-8 hours. I got some from DSW that had about a 2 inch heel. I wore them around beforehand, but my feet (still) swelled, and I ended up putting on some (cheap, completely flat) flip flips I had worn to the venue. I had a floor length dress and was fine. If you don't normally wear anything high, it might be better to stick with something a little more comfortable.

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    I plan to wear my 2.5" heels all night.
  • guess I'm the lucky one, I get to do barefoot for the ceremony and then I'm wearing ballet flats - and don't have to buy them.  My soon to be step daughter has tons of ballet shoes and she wears my size.  yay!  She better have a pair I can slide into - she's been taking since she was 3.
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  • I wish I could be barefoot at my wedding, but outside in VT in October - no dice!  But I am wearing isotoner ballet flat slippers.  My FI is 6'6" and I am 5'5" - but with my destroyed knee, I can't wear heels of any size.  Not even wedges.
  • I've had 3 surgeries on one foot, so heels won't be worn any longer than I have to. Not to mention I am 6 foot and he is 5'6''. I got the blue shoes for pics and the garter removal, but will be wearing satin ballet flats for everything else.

  • barefoot on the beach for me! 

    But I am wearing these slides for going to the bar for the reception: 

    (mine are actually a sherberty-orange though)

    For our AHR I found a cute pair of silver flip-flops (that don't slap my feet when I walk) at Target.  I was looking for super killer stilleto style shoes but when my dress arrived I realized that any real heel would make the dress too short. 
  • I am wearing a 2 inch heel for the ceremony, then switching to heeled flipflops I bought from DB, similar to what you posted Karennrob. 
  • My dress is tea length. No tripping, except possibly from the shoes themselves....I'm not much of a heel wearer at all. I'm trying to practice around the house sometimes, and yesterday I fell over and whacked my elbow into the mail slot on the front door. Giant bruise today....sigh...
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  • Thanks for the input..I think I'll get the shoes I want and wear them for ceremony and pics and then get some high flip flops.  I feel much better now that that decision has been made!! LOL
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  • I have both shoe and feet issues. I love shoes and my 49 year old feet are betraying me! So, I wore 3 1/2" heels for the wedding and the first part of the reception. Then my feet crapped out--marble floor & about 6 hours on my feet. Fortunately, I had a backup plan. I also had been a bit concerned about wearing the big dress for the whole day & night, so I had an alternate short reception dress and flats I changed into. The result: a very happy, dancing bride. I would have been miserable--or barefoot--without the alternative. Just some food for thought. The other dress was inexpensive--only$150--from Ann Taylor, and there are a lot of white choices out there right now on sale.
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