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Catholic Weddings

This Weekend's Knottie!

Please join me in congratulating



on her upcoming wedding!



Re: This Weekend's Knottie!

  • Prayers for your wedding celebration and and early congratulations, BT!
  • Congratulations!
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  • Yay!  Congratulations!

    Have a beautiful wedding and a blessed marriage!

  • Congrats! May God bless your weekend, your wedding, and your marriage. :)
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  • In Response to Re: This Weekend's Knottie!:
    [QUOTE]Congrats! May God bless your weekend, your wedding, and your marriage. :)
    Posted by bibliophile2010[/QUOTE]

  • Thanks everybody! We're in the midst of final details. I'm super excited, we had our first in-person meeting with the priest earlier this afternoon, and it went really well! Earlier he had called me and been worried because the paperwork from Chicago hadn't turned up yet, but I guess it was just stuck in the Bishop's office in LA. He is actually really excited about the ceremony, especially since most of our music choices are somewhat original, so it was really fun to meet with him and go over everything.

    The one moment that was terrible, my mom and I went to the reception venue to start setting up this morning, but we needed to stop by the florist to get the flowers for the centerpieces (daisies in mason jars). It turns out that since we didn't reply to an email that the florist sent three weeks ago they assumed that we didn't want their services. The email said, "here's the final invoice, bring the check w/ you when you pick up the daisies, let us know if there's anything else you need," and I had already tried to sign the estimate and he'd told us that he didn't need my signature (plus we had been working w/ him for like 5 months), so I hadn't bothered to send anything back to him. Luckily I stayed calm, but I had a little bridezilla moment in my head to blow off steam. Luckily they are doing our order still, although there have now been several more issues of mis-communication with them since this morning. Hopefully there are flowers!
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