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Who is suppose to pay for the shower? A few people told me the bridal party, but I'd hate to put the burden on them since everyone is already trying to save for our wedding in the Dominican Republic

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  • AdeleDazeemAdeleDazeem member
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    Whoever wants to throw your showever then shoulders the financial burden.

    If your bridesmaids get together and want to do one, then there it is.  If another family member wants to do it, then she'll take care of it.

    Showers are a gift - not a right.  Please don't ask anyone to take it on.  Let them step up for you.  If no one steps up, then that's okay, too.  You'll still be just as married as those ladies who had a shower.
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    The hosts(esses) pay for the shower.

    So those who want to throw a shower pay for it.  But that's for them to get together to throw and decide what to do.
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