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Anyone doing their own flowers?

I'm having a cocktail party and would love fresh flowers all around, but don't love the price. Was thinking of buying bulk from BJ's or Costco and putting my girls to work.

bad idea? Any other ideas?

Re: Anyone doing their own flowers?

  • Try to contact some florists near you.  They might be able to meet your budget as long as you're open to various flower options.  The day of your wedding is hectic enough but the last thing you need is to be putting arrangements together (particularly if your girls don't volunteer to help you out).
  • I am also not crazy about the cost of flowers! Im considering going to the flower market really early with my bridesmaids and buying beautiful fresh flowers and putting together small simple bouquets. I know its going to be a stressful day, but we are going to make it fun by going for breakfast and just making it part of the festivities.
  • I ordered from Costco.  I got their wedding package and some bulk flowers for my centerpieces.
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  • I'm planning on doing my own flowers.  I'll be doing a practice run over the summer to get an idea of what is available in the Manhattan flower district and experience of buying from the shops there.  It should also give me an idea of the amount of flowers I need for centerpieces and give me some practice on my flower arranging.  I plan to order the picasso lilies that I'm dying to have as bouquet flowers, because I can't guarantee they will be in the flower shops in November. Sams club seems to have the best price on them.  Then I'm planning to go shopping in the flower district a few days before the wedding to get the rest of the flowers I will need for the reception.  I am more flexible on those flowers, and I can pick based on what's available and cheap. 

    A lot of people discourage brides from doing their own flowers because it can be a pretty collossal undertaking, and there's a lot of room for error.  But, I think if you will enjoy (or at least not hate) doing the arrangements yourself, and your wedding would not be ruined if the flowers wilted or didn't turn out perfectly, then why not?  I AM concerned about the logistics of getting the flowers to the venue and having them set up, and I'm planning to hire a day-of-coordinator to take care of all of that.  Obviously that adds to the budget overall, but I was planning to get a DOC anyway. 
  • I'm not using anything but loose petals on the tables among the other decor and my own bouquet. I've made six practice bouquets (whenever I see clearance flowers, I grab them and practice.) I can make a bouquet now in about 15 minutes. I'm totally making mine. I think it will be very meaningful to have made it that morning. I have an evening wedding, so I think it will be a long day already!
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