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when should  i order my  dress i  dont want  it to  sit in the closet for  a year.Dec of  next yr?

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    My wedding is 9/7/2012, I am going to buy my dress next year around this same time. 
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    I would say if you fall in love with a dress and you are going to get a beyond amazing price on it (like a once and a lifetime price) then go for it, but if not you can wait. The woman at one store told me that I should order my dress no later than 6 months prior to your date. 9 months would be the best timing.
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    Since it so far. I would wait until next year to start looking. You dont want to buy a dress now, then the new season of dresses come out and you fall in love with something else.
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    I agree with KSTURGIS. You don't wanna fall in love and have to unload a year old wedding dress.... I say unless you have already found "the one", then hold off on your search until closer to your wedding date. 
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    I would start looking August 2011. But I heard 9-10 months out is a good idea. Good luck. I definitely wouldn't look yet though. There will be so much beautiful stuff unleashed next year that you may fall in love with something else. 
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