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Band Vs DJ

Hey knotties,

So my Fiance and I looked at a gorgeous mansion for a possible reception hall. So far we love it, because it fits our elegance/fancy themed wedding.

The thing is, I would not mind having a DJ play at our reception.  He wants to stay on topic and find a jazz band. He told me that he feels that a DJ stand will knock off our theme. And the jazz band would make the atmosphere more exquisit.
I think he is right, but I think that a DJ can also play jazz... Oh lordy...

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Re: Band Vs DJ

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    Hmm this is a tough one! I do agree with your fiance that a band will fit in with the "theme" better and will make things seem more elegant. I don't think a DJ will really make it less elegant though! DJ's can play whatever your heart desires and you can probably find one who specializes in jazz and keeping things classy. Just ask a lot of questions and be sure you find the right guy for you.

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    I don't think a DJ would be bad; they could definitely play jazz music for you.  But my personal preference is for live music.  It just adds a little something to the ambiance, especially with the theme you guys are going for.  I don't think you can go wrong either way, but having a band would lend to a more exquisite atmosphere.
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    Could you compromise and do both? You could switch off so that the DJ plays during the band's breaks.
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    I think we are going with a band. WE are actually having our friend's rock band play at our wedding, they know a lot o fsongs that we love and they agreed to go. I think it is personal preference, I am not into DJing music and dance music I love rock music and so does my fiance and that is what we are going with.
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    I tend to prefer live music for the ambiance and talent, and think its more likely to create a more lively party. We are going with an orchestra, and they play a good variety of music to keep everyone happy (our main prerequisite). However, I do see the value of DJs because they generally can play more of a variety than bands and are far less expensive. If your budget allows for it I would go for a band (especially since you want a jazz band, IMHO, there is nothing more fantastic than a live jazz band. A recording doesn't do jazz justice).
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    Okay great! Thanks for the tip, girls! :D
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