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Michigan-Grand Rapids

Alfred Angelo (sorry long rant)

Has anyone else had problems with the new Grand Rapids store of Alfred Angelo. I ordered five bridesmaid dresses from them and they have been so rude and unorganized. They lost two of my bridesmaid measurements so the girls had to come back in store to get re-measured. Then we ordered the dresses. One came in no problem, my maid of honor ordered hers the same day as the first bridesmaid she still hand't heard anything for 3 more weeks after the first girl got hers so she called and they said "we have had it for three weeks and we were wondering when you were going to pick it up". She said I never got a phone call and they claim they called but maybe didn't have time to leave a message. Seriously? Now the remaining three. One is coming in June 17th. The other two nobody seems to know where the orders went. The girls have paid for the dresses yet the store cant find the orders. The girl I spoke with said she needed to call customer service and see what happened. Customer service couldn't find them and said they had to call the store back. Well this was at 1pm. I still hadn't heard anything by 4pm called the store back to speak to a manager. "oh im sorry the manager will have to call you back". Now here it is 7pm on a Friday and nobody wants to talk to me. I wouldn't either. I am getting married in September, the dresses they lost are the two sisters in the wedding party, im PMSing and im all alone at work I'm about to go postal on someone. :) Sorry ladies I had to vent.

Re: Alfred Angelo (sorry long rant)

  • akhensley81akhensley81 member
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    Holy crap, I'm so sorry you're dealing with this!! I haven't worked with that store so I don't have any experiences to share. All I can say is I sincerely hope this all works out for you. But - look at the bright side. This could have happened a week before your wedding, rather than 3 months. You have time to come up with a back up plan if you need one.

    I would keep raising hell at that store though, if I were you. And have your BMs chime in too.
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    I haven't heard about their customer service but my MOH, who is getting married a month after me, went there and was not impressed with their selection...they should be trying to impress, being a new store.  I had a bad experience at David's.  For all brides looking for dresses, I would stay away from the chain stores~they always screw up orders and their customer service stinks.  My cousin had a wonderful experience at a small mom and pop bridal shop in Holland, wish I had went there...
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    OMG. Don't get me started on the GR Alfred Angelo store. I am a million times thankful that I didn't get my own dress there!!! Here are excerpts of the email I sent to their CEO about the issues we had:

    All three bridesmaid dresses were ordered by my sister, Michelle, to ensure they were ordered at the same time using the same dye lot for the fabric. We also ordered an extra 2 yards of fabric as my other sister will be having a matching bolero jacket made for her dress. When the sales associate took the order, she asked Michelle to recite her name, address, phone number, and email address, and she manually typed that information into the computer. The sales associate did not repeat anything she typed in to verify she entered it correctly. It did not occur to us that we should verify it ourselves; I believe this was the responsibility of the sales associate, not ours.

    When Michelle ordered the dresses, she was told they would take 8-12 weeks to come in. Michelle had not heard anything by March 30, which marked 10 weeks, 6 days since they were ordered, so she called the local store to inquire. They said all 3 dresses had been in for awhile and had been calling her and leaving messages about the dresses. She asked them what number they called; the sales associate listed a number that had one digit wrong. She did not apologize when Michelle told her the correct number; her response was "Ohhhh..." Michelle asked them why they hadn't emailed her after no response for a few weeks; they told her they haven't set up a system for emailing yet. When Michelle picked up the dresses that evening, she spoke to a manager who apologized and said they have had this wrong number problem with a few other customers.

    The labels on the dress bags were marked with the dates the store tried to call Michelle. The earliest date was March 2, which was a full 4 weeks before Michelle called. Why did they not try to email her after 4 weeks of no response? This seems ridiculous, regardless of the wedding date.

    The 2 yards of fabric was not in when Michelle picked up the dresses, so they told her they would call her when it came in, which would probably be no more than 2 weeks. Michelle made sure they had the correct phone number. On April 21, my Mother contacted the Grand Rapids, MI store to inquire about the extra fabric. The sales associate she spoke with checked the records and said the record states that the fabric was picked up with the dresses on March 30. My Mother disagreed and they said they would look further into it. Michelle then called the store to complain and spoke with a sales associate named Dani. Dani's response to Michelle's complaint was "well what can we do?" which in my opinion was ridiculous and made it sound like the problem was Michelle's fault. Michelle told her what they are going to do is express order new fabric that we will not be paying for because it was already paid for when the dresses and fabric were ordered January 13. Dani agreed to this, and now we wait to see if the fabric was actually ordered.


    They did express order that fabric, but they ordered it in the WRONG COLOR. The dresses are in grape; they ordered it in eggplant. Unacceptable. So they had to reorder it in grape and have it express shipped. This time they did it right, and they are so lucky we did not yet need that extra fabric when I first went in to pick it up and it was the wrong color. I would have ripped them a new one after all this crap.

    Based on my experiences at the store, the manager Jenna is very friendly and has been extremely apologetic about these issues. So has the District Manager, Kim Benny. I would recommend emailing the CEO, Vincent Piccione, CCing some of the general customer service email addresses, and CCing Kim Benny. Email addresses are as follows:

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Good luck!!!! I can't believe they've been open 5 months and they're still horrible. It's like the company doesn't give a crap because they're so well known and so huge that enough people give them business so why bother treating everyone as they should be treated? Ridiculous.
  • SusanK77SusanK77 member
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    OMG i would have probably shot up the store by then LoL. I actually put a post on twitter of all places about how horrible it is and how i will never recommend the store. well alfred angelo is on twitter and they saw it. they tweeted me and said contact Chad at corporate that they want to help me. How come I email Chad and the dresses show up 3 days later. I contact Jenna at the store and she has no idea what to tell me. Hmmm how conveniant. Anyways Chad asked if he could help with anything else and I said well I have to buy 5 sashes still for my girls and will be taking my business elsewhere unless the store wants to comp me sashes. He said what color am I looking for. Well I need lime green jeweled sashes. He said Alfred Angelo doesn't offer lime green so if I can pick another color he can offer plain sashes but for jeweled I would have to pay the difference. I told him him and the company can stick it I am not giving anymore money to that company and I will be posting my disgust on many social networks. I bought my own dress at another company just because of the lack of customer service and lack of interest in brides. UGH so glad I am done with that store.
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    I had an appointment at 4pm a couple of weeks ago, my mom, aunt and MOH drove 6 hours to grand rapids in order to make my first dress appointment and I was so excited, I had been looking forward to it for quite a few weeks. We showed up at 3:45 and were tols someone would be right with us.  At 4pm I went to talk to someone and let them know we were still waiting and I was told someone would be right with us, we started looking at dresses waiting for someone to 'be right with us' and at 4:15 I asked again and was given the same response. After that I was trying every five minutes to have someone assist us with trying dresses on and everytime I was given the same answer. At 5pm I was really upset because people who had arrived AFTER us were being helped and we still hadn't been helped. I asked one girl who arrived after us if she had an appointment and she said she didn't but still, she was helped before me and was leaving before my meeting had even started. at 5:30 I went and talked to someone and she said she 'would be right with me' and I told her NO, you will be with me NOW I had an appointment and have been waiting for an hour and a half. One of the ladies behind the desk told her that I really had been waiting that long and they offered me a 6pm appointment, needless to say I told them to take their appointment and shove it. I also thanked them for utterly RUINING my first time looking for my wedding dress and that I would NEVER buy ANYTHING from there and I would make sure that EVERYONE I know doesn't purchase anything from them either. They never even offered to make the situation right, HIGHLY disappointed in this place....word to the wise....DON'T SHOP AT ALFRED ANGELO!!
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    I am coming in a little late on this post, but I also experienced similar issues with waiting for my appointment and rudeness at the GR Alfred Angelo store, but unfortuntely for me I fell in love with one of their dresses. Well, thankfully, my maid of honor found Tony at http://www.dressforlessbridal.com/. I ordered my dress from here and my bridesmaids dresses and they were much cheaper too. They were all authentic and exactly the same as the ones we tried on in the store, same quality, all the tags, etc. and GREAT customer service. Much better than dealing with a chain, but still get the dress from their that I love.
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    I'm a bit late on this as well, but I've been googling "Alfred Angelo issues" and that sort of thing because I'm having a HORRIBLE experience with Alfred Angelo.  I don't know if it's a combination of the shop that I had my bridesmaids order their dresses and Alfred Angelo itself or what, but they are being so unhelpful! I got some story about their dresses not going through all the way because Alfred Angelo's systems were down and now they aren't going to be delivered until eleven days before my wedding!  I am so pissed off and when I brought up that this date was unacceptable to Katie Johnson, their customer relationship manager according to their website, I was informed that these show as they should be shipped within the week and will be "on time"!  How is eleven days before a wedding on time?!  However, I have just now contacted Chad and will eagerly await a reply, because it looks like he may at least make an effort to get something done, from what I've googled.  I just hope it works.  I've refrained from too much ranting on various social networking sites because I'm seriously concerned that they'll screw up this order on purpose because I've been annoying them so much.   
  • EmilySpeetEmilySpeet member
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    I feel sorry for Chad. It looks like he is taking all the crap for all those women who can't do their jobs. Sucks to be him!
  • Do you know exactly what the name of the bridal shop in Holland is? I'm thinking you're talking about September's Bride?
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