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How did you paint your nails with your henna?

Hi everyone,

I am getting a mani/pedi today in preparation for my Saturday wedding.  My fingernails are short and I am not going to fake nails.  How do you recommend I do my nails?  Just a plain French manicure?  I normally get a bright red color on my toes and would like to do so again, but I didn't know if this would look funny with the mehndi.  Also, if I got a French maniure on my fingernails but red polish on my feet, is that ok?  Or do I have to match?


Re: How did you paint your nails with your henna?

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    Hi NCJW!! Congrats on your upcoming wedding!!!!!
    I think a red or burgundy would look nice for your toes.... :)
    Enjoy being pampered!

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    Congrats on your wedding! So exciting!

    I would do a french on the nails, but that is my personal preference. Some people don't like how a french looks against the mehndi, but I don't like how a color looks on my nails, regardless.

    I agree with MrsBM that either red or a burgundy would be great for your toes. Your mani/pedi doesn't have to match if you're doing french for nails and color for toes. I think though if you did color for your mani, it should be the same as the pedi, but that again, is just my personal preference.

    Congrats again! Enjoy your day!
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    In Response to Re: How did you paint your nails with your henna?:
    [QUOTE I would do a french on the nails, but that is my personal preference. Posted by raangoli[/QUOTE]

    Mine too Raangoli :)
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    I think red toes will be awesome.  I like the look of french nails on the hands. Red polish would also look good too, IMO. :)
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    Ya like what Bell's said...different mendhi styles look better with different types of nails...

    I had arabic style mendhi and because a lot of my skin was showing I found that the frenchi tip matched well ...
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    I had flowers painted on my toes in gold to match the two outfits that I was wearing for the day.  I'd highly recommend getting your natural nails done in the french (without adding gels or fakey nails) because that's what I did :)

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  • vedikavedika
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    I had my nails done, gel acrylics on my fingers, and french on my toes. They both looked very fresh and clean with my henna and complimented both of my wedding outifts and wedding dress.
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    I had a french mani on my nails & burgundy on my toes & I loved the way the pics came out. 
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