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XP: Is Disney Fun for Adults?

I haven't been to Disney since I was maybe six years old...  My in-laws want us all to go on a 4-day Disney cruise followed by 8 days at the parks in Orlando.  We'd stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

My brother-in-law's twins will be 5 this summer so they will love it.  But are 12 days of Disney too much for us, since we don't have kids?

We're thinking about skipping the cruise and just catching up with them in Orlando for maybe 5 days instead.  What do you think?

Re: XP: Is Disney Fun for Adults?

  • I think Disney is still a great place for adults. Obviously the company has gone great lengths in more recent years to market it as not just a kiddie destination. A couple of years ago I did the cruise-land and sea package with a former boyfriend. We both had a great time and unlike on other cruise ships, I thought the Disney  line did a great job of letting adults feel like they're on a deluxe ship with all the trimmings (kids not running up and down the halls, the designated adults pool actually being just that). Like a lot of the other ships, take advantage of the adults only dining room/do the spa & massage.

    8 days in the parks area does seem like a long amount of time (and I love Disney) but I would just recommend taking advantage of all the attractions/restaurants that one doesn't necessarily hit up on a quicker trip to Disney. Go to bars/clubs @ Pleasure Island, do some of the behind the scenes yours which I find really neat. You could also always check out other Orlando attractions?

    I think in terms of crowds and kids, so much will depend on the time of the year that you go. I'd probably recommend having a shorter amount of time parkside but  def. doing the cruise portion. Of course, it's still just a cruise to the Caribbean but Disney really does put its own special mark on it. I found it to be a lot of fun and memorable.
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  • We go to Disney twice a year and love it!!  Disney is what you make of it, there is so much to do there and not everything is for the kids!    Make sure you eat at some of the restaurants and try the bars in the Boardwalk/Downtown Disney area, lots of fun.  
    You can also check of Cirque du Soleil at Downtown Disney as well.
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    I live close to Disney so I go fairly often.  I think it's a lot of fun for adults, but obviously if you're not into rides or theme parks in general, it won't be a great experience... lol.  We recently stayed at the AKL for the first time and thought it was a very nice hotel.  Many of my friends have been on Disney's cruises, and they all rave about them so if you have the opportunity, I don't think I'd turn that down.  If it were me, I'd probably still go on the cruise and then cut back the number of days in Orlando (one day per park is good unless the crowds are exceptionally high in which case, you might need 1.5-2 days for Epcot and MK as the pp said).
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  • I love Disney!  There are so many parks that you're bound to find at least one that you'll like (my favorite is Epcot).  I think that you and your DH will have a great time.
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  • 8 days at Disney, especially after a four-day Disney cruise, sounds like a lot to me- too many.  I'm not a huge Disney person, but there are some things I really like, especially Epcot and Islands of Adventure.  I think my capacity for enjoyment there would greatly go down after 4 days.

    The cruise will be different from the parks, though.  If you think you might be bored/tired of it by the end, would you consider doing the cruise and then just going to the parks for part of those 8 days?

    What time of year would you be going?  The size of the crowds and the temperatures (can be very hot in the summer) might also influence your enjoyment.

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