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Moms - help me with cups

We've introduced cups without lids at home to get DD used to using them.  However, the other 95% of the time, she needs a sippy.  She prefers the straw kind that disappear into the lid.  Ok, fine.

We've tried Nuby, Munchkin, Playtex and Gerber and they all farking leak.  All of them.  They're specifically the no-spill kind, yet when she drops her cup on the floor, out comes the milk.

Anyone have any success with cups that don't spill?

Re: Moms - help me with cups

  • We use the Nuby straw cups (12 oz mega sipper), and they usually don't leak unless they go from the fridge and then sit out and warm up--then the pressure change pushes the liquid up through the straw.  Other than that, they've been fine.

    That's interesting about the regular cups.  DD has the little IKEA cups, and while she'll drink from DH's water glass if he leaves it on the coffee table, if you give her a little plastic cup that girl will lose her isht quick.  Tantrum city.
  • Hmmm.  I don't think the cups sit out *too* long.  I mean, it's milk, so I'm careful to put it back in the fridge when she's not using it, but who knows?

    DD loves drinking out of the regular cups, she's just not super coordinated yet, so there's a lot of spilling.  I also put snacks in the cups or bowls and have been trying to put her dinner on a plate with teeny silverware instead of directly on her high chair tray.  I'm trying to make her more civilized when she eats. :)

  • Call me a bad mom, but my kidwill be on a sippy for a while longer.  She uses no-valve sippies just fine, as long as she's seated, and she drinks fine from a regular cup (with spilling) at dinner time.  However, she has a tendency to toss her cups when she's done drinking (but the cup isn't empty) and regular cups usu. = full body soaking.  Doc said she doesn't need to be off valve sippies til 18 months, so I'm not rushing it.

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