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New Hampshire

Castle in the Clouds

Is there any feedback anyone can give me? I tried searching the forums and found older posts but haven't seen anything recent so I would like to get an updated experience from someone before I drive up there.

Fiancee and I live south of Boston but are looking for something that offers a gorgeous mountainy outdoor view so we're exploring NH/VT etc.

Re: Castle in the Clouds

  • I went to wedding there two years ago it was beautiful. Not sure how they are to work with. But from a guest it was a great location. However hotels are limited. Depending on when your getting married. Lodging will need to be booked early in the summer for out of town guest.
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  • We were there last summer, it was beautiful.  Actually they were setting up for a wedding that was going to happen just a few hours later in the day. 
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  • I used to work there and LOVED working the weddings.  It's so gorgeous.  I'd be getting married there if it wasn't where my ex and I met.  It's a beautiful area and well worth a visit even if you don't decide on the venue.  ( I live twenty minutes from the castle).

    I agree with PP that hotels are limited and will need to be reserved in advance.  When I worked there many brides hired trolleys to take their guests from the hotel to the castle and back just so every one is safe on the windy country roads after a day of celebrating.
  • I dont have anything to add except to say that FI and I drove up there from Boston, on our first date and they were closed.  We parked on a side street and crashed a wedding.  Thank god the couple laughed when the photographer noticed our heads peaking over the ledge.
  • my family owned it.  i saw TONS of weddings there...the staff is great (or at least was).  lots of beautiful locations (indoor/outdoor).  its a little pricy.  just a 30 minute ceremony costs an arm and a leg...but you cant beat the views!

    we actually thought about having our ceremony/reception there, but my family sold the business and there was a lot of bad blood during the parting.  my dad wont even step foot on the property anymore.  so sad!
  • Not  a mountain view, but The Margate offers a beautiful lake view with a georgeous new pavilion. They were awesome to work with, my daughter just got married there two weeks ago.  If you have your heart set on mountains, try Okemo Mountain in Ludlow, Vermont.  They have a beautiful setting and there are multiple choices for ceremony and reception. They also offer lodging onsite, with  outdoor adventure type  activities.
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