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It's bad, but good when...

It's bad, but good that I can pull my jeans down without unbuttoning/zippering them... haha

...what's your bad, but good experience?

Re: It's bad, but good when...

  • I think muscle soreness is my bad but good thing.  Bad because, well it's sore, but good because that just means I pushed myself.
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • When EVERYONE comments on your weight loss, asks how you did it, how much you've lost, etc etc etc.  I mean, its good because obviously the results are showing, but I hate having all that attention on me.  I am dreading our family get-together for easter this weekend.  I know everyone is going to be making comments and I'd prefer the attention be elsewhere.

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  • It's bad but good that my ring size has gone down almost 2 sizes.  I cannot afford all this re-sizing, or worse, a new setting. Ugh.
  • It's good that I'm exercising on a regular basis, it's bad because I'm losing more weight than I wanted to.
  • I'm ditto on the attention. I know I haven't even lost that much compared to how much my body shape has changed. Sort of makes me feel like, dang, was I THAT fat before? Trying to be more gracious about compliments though.

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  • Its bad when my workout capris won't stay up during cardio but it is really a good sign because it means I am losing some inches (or the lycra is just going but I am going with option 1!)
  • It's bad that my wedding dress is a bit too snug, but it's good because all the squats I've been doing have given me an ass. I've always had a flat butt, so I'm happy about it, except I really need my dress to fit in 32 days!
  • @Favorite -- how many dress sizes did you go down?

    My wedding dress was ordered in a size 10 which is for someone with a 28 inch waist & now I am a 26inch waste -- do you think it will be a big deal to take in 1 or 2 inches? I heard the dress can also vary in inches since they are handmade so hopefully it comes in a little smaller.
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