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When to start dress shopping?

I've been reading posts, and I realized that dresses need to be ordered early so the measurements will be right. But, I was wondering just how early I should start shopping? I'm planning on going to David's Bridal, or a smiliar wedding shop since we have a low budget. How many months before should I start hitting the shops? Thanks!

Re: When to start dress shopping?

  • I ordered my dress15 months before my wedding, but that was only because of the designer -- it will take a year to come in. If you are going to David's Bridal, I'd say you are safe going as close as 6 months before the wedding from what I have heard! I always think the earlier the better, but that's just my opinion. Good Luck!
  • I just saw that you're getting married in March should've already picked out your dress and ordered it.. Unless you plan to buy off the rack, and even with that option you need to leave time for alterations..
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  • That was my fault, I meant 2014! I still have over a year left until the wedding. It's going to be a super small ceremony, we only have 10 family memebers between the two of us.
  • If you decide to go early, do NOT....repeat after NOT keep looking at any dresses as there will always be one prettier to look at! LOL

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    I got my dress over a year in advance because I thought it would take me much longer to find one than it actually did, so I started early.
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  • I bought my dress on December 17 for a November wedding. I t should be in in April.

    I just planned on starting my shopping then, but I fell in love with a dress and saw no point continuing my search (for a lot of reasons).
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  • 2014.. definitely much better..haha. I think early is best.. but its all up to you.. how much you want to spend..meaning how much u will have to put down for your deposit.. Just make it a fun day... not stressful
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  • I purchased my dress in March 2011 for my wedding in November 2013. It was incredibly early and I don't advise it but the company was going out of business so I jumped at the chance to get my dress. Less than a year now and I love my dress just as much if not more than ever.
  • I bought my dress from David's Bridal - and it came in 2 weeks after I ordered it!  They told me it could take up to 3 months though.  I signed up online and recieve tons of notifications about upcoming sales - along with their $99 sales.  Good luck shopping - and like others said, once you have found your dress, DO NOT continue looking!
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