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April 2012 Weddings

Check Mark!

I've been lurking, mainly because things have been crazy around here, so I figured I'd share some of my check marks so I can read them and feel like I have maybe, possibly, accomplished something :)

-FI ... I think he's the number one thing on my list because, well, I've been planning my wedding since I was 5. I just needed him to come along. :)

-Florist (my mom, so I guess I've had my florist my entire life) we have most of the flowers bought (we're going with silk) and she's in the midst of working on my bouquet (because it is the most important after all :) )

-Checking out reception venues. We've crossed all but three off of our list, it's just a matter of emaiing the others and really figuring out which one gives us the most bang, and beautiful-ness for our buck, and we have a few tastings lined up, so whoever have yummier food :)

-Guest List - for the most part. We have our guest list for the most part figured out and spreadsheeted, with the exception of some of his people.

-Engagement Photographer - If it would ever stop raining here in STL we could finally get the pictures taken, and get our save the dates picked out and ordered.

-Bridal Party - All of the bridal party has been asked and accepted, with the exception of one bridesmaid position that I have yet to fill.

-The Unofficial Photographer - My brother in law is the only member of my family not in the wedding, and he is also the one with the most high tech camera, so he'll be taking pictures so that hopefully we don't miss anything.

-VIdeographer - And by videographer, I mean my Dad's best friend will be running around with a video camera. I'd love to have a professional, but I'd also like my parents to not go broke, so so long as I have a video, FI can edit it and make it pretty.

Soon to be done:
-Wedding dress shopping this weekend.
-Our priest should be getting back to me this week. Lots of craziness was happening with Holy Week, and he promised he'd get back to me shortly after Easter, since our original priest refused to answer my voicemails.

I think that's about all. I also have our "pre-engagement" up to the actual engagement scrapbooking album done. I figured the engagement was a good place to stop that album, and everything else can be in the pre-wedding album. :) I have that all plotted out in my head :)
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Re: Check Mark!

  • Sounds like you've gotten a good chunk of everything done! I decided not to look for the best price when it came to the venue and I'm more excited than ever to get married at the place I chose. Just a thought but I don't know your situation at all.

    I've seen all the bad weather on the news. I hope you all are staying safe!
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    Yay! Another St. Louis April 2012 bride! I'm totally with you on the rain thing...geez. My car almost drowned just driving down my street the other day. Congrats on your checks. Its cool that you are able to use family and friends to cut down on some of your costs. We're in the process of searching for a photog/videographer that wont put us in the poor house. Luckily for my FI and I, we finished all our meetings with the priest before Holy Week. Hopefully yours will get back to you soon since things will slow down a bit. Good luck with the venue search...let me know if you have any questions or want feedback since we're in the same area. And by the looks of your ticker, we have the same date! 
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