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For those of you getting married on the beach, what are you wearing on your feet? My first instinct is to go barefoot but I'm 5'2 and my fiance is 6'2! Im not that concerned about the height difference during the ceremony its more for the first dance/ any dancing- I literally cannot dance with him without my tallest heels but I obviously cant walk on the beach in 6 inch pumps.. any recommendations?!

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    I am 5'2" and FI is 5'11".  I am going barefoot with some back up flip flops in case the sand is too hot.  I'll have heels for the reception and will hem my dress for those.
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    I'm going barefoot for the ceremony and wearing a pump with very small heel for the reception. Where is your reception? Could you change into your highest heels for just that part of the evening maybe?

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    barefoot for the ceremomy and plain old sandals for the reception, since its back at the beach house(around the pool) I didnt want anything with a heel, just wanted to be comfortable.

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    I bought a pair of sandles to wear around the pool for the reception and ended up never putting them on.  I thought i would want them but in the end I did not find them necessary. My husband is a foot taller than me and I did not find it to be akward or dances or pictures.
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