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My Fiancee and I are in Hamilton Ontario. Does anyone have any Ideas of how to have a cheap but elegant wedding? Venues and food included? Any info would be great!

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    Cut unnecessary stuff. One of the most beautiful weddings I've seen was by a knottie who had a winter wedding (also a great idea) on a Friday night. She used branches and lighting to create ambiance (forget flowers), negotiated with her vendors, got her dress second hand... you get the idea! I think the key is to decide where you want to spend money (ie. food) and prepare to sacrifice other things (favours/paper goods/full bar - go just wine & beer instead).
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    A great way to keep the budget WAY down is to limit the guestlist.
    This will result in fewer invitations, centrepieces, rentals, and food and catering will be less, too.
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    And dump the attendants - saves on gifts you have to buy!
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    Look into the book "101 Ways to Save Money and Still Have a Dazzling Wedding." I found it at a library. It's geared towards American brides but it does have some interesting ideas (including websites where you can get software for making your own invitations and programs at decent prices).
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