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    One of my friends just recommended them to me. She said they gave her all of the negatives on a disc. She also said they were professional and friendly.
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    We booked them for our wedding next month. We had our engagement photos last July and it was ok. I'm not blown away by them, but it's what we could afford. Our pictures will turn out nice and our photog is wonderful to work with. My only issue right now is that I wish I would have looked at other independent photogs.

    Our E-Pics turned out nice and everyone loved them. So I'm not dissatisfied by any means.
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    I booked George Street for our wedding in July.  The price was right and their customer service is A++.  They respond ro every email or phone call in a very timely manner.  They also allowed me to make changes to my contract (like add parent albums at the special rate I received) after I signed it.  I agree that my engagement pics were not "blow me away" great, but they were decent.  I would recommend them. 
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    My college roommate interned with them for marketing. She always talked about how she wondered how brides would ever hire them since they use a lot of photographers and videographers just starting out. She heard a lot of complaints always but I guess it is just part of the business. I didn't use them so I cannot comment on their work directly. Their photos do not look bad. Who is the videographer and photographer? Usually the companies have names like Ben Mahoney Productions, Danielle Aquiline Photography, Heather Parker Photography.
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    We hired them for our October wedding.  We took our engagement photos in January and were really please with them.  We received the disc within two weeks of the shoot and were able to print them right away.  So far everyone we have dealt with has been great, especially the photographer.  We were a little hesitant to sign a contract without meeting our actual day of photographer, but  George Street arainged to have the photographer call us so we could get an better idea of who he was and his style of photography directly from him.
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    I'd suggest going with an independent photographer.  I hate big factory-style studios.  Individualized service one on one with your photographer from start to finish is the way to go.  Know what you're getting and who you're working with.  I don't understand how brides can hire a photographer without ever meeting them just because a salesperson said they "matched" them up to your style..that's such BS.  They matched up your date with someone whoevers available.  Many talented independents in this city.
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