What to do 1st???

Okay! I just joined after getting engaged for my birthday, and don't know what to do next!! I know I need to find the location for our reception but what should I do next after that?

Re: What to do 1st???

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    Definitely start with the budget and guest list first. This guest list isn't set in stone obviously, but in order to get a better idea of what your budget needs to be, and be able to pick a venue big enough to hold your entire guest list, you need to have an approximation of how many people will be coming.

    After that I would start with the big basics: ceremony site, reception site, photographer. While researching these things other aspects of the wedding will sort of fall in to place. example: if your reception site does their own catering, you wont have to worry about that, but if your reception site does not, then you'll have to see what kind of caterers are allowed to come in (some places only allow certain caterers, other places will allow you to self cater, etc...) Good luck in planning! And HAVE FUN! =]
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    First thing I did was get a "guest list" and get a ballpark number of guests, then we looked for the reception venue. Actually I kind of banked because two days after we got engaged, I went to a bridal show and got tons of ideas and talked with the president of DC Centre and they squeezed me in to talk to them a few days later. Everything started falling into place after that. I think the reception and photographer were the first major things we got done, since they tend to book FAST and EARLY. When are you getting married?
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    Thank you everyone, I really appreciate all your guidance and recommendations! I've been so busy, this is almost another job in itself... Thanks again!!
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    I totally agree with everyone...Date first, guest list and budget second.  After that you can start interviewing and booking your vendors.  At the same time you can be thinking about colors, themes, attire, etc.  However, it kinda all depends on how much time you have too.  If you have 6 months to plan, you'll have to think fast and book ASAP, and if you have 2 years, like I have, you can take a slower more deliberate path.  Good luck in your planning.
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