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I love love love this place but cannot find any info about having weddings there and cannot get ahold of anyone. Does anyone know anything about this place? I specifically like the rooftop terrace... exactly what I am looking for but it seems like every time I find something that is "exactly what I'm looking for" I find out that they dont do weddings anymore or they have a $30,000 price tag or whatever. I am beginning to get discouraged. I do NOT want to have a wedding in a hall or golfclub and every other option I find will not work for one reason or another :(

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  • It's a business building. Your best bet would be to contact the businesses in the building because they likely rent/own the terrace. Or, call the property manager. It's owned by a subsidiary of Quicken and Dan Gilbert, but I can't recall the exact name. Likely if you searched news stories from the past 1-2 years you'd find it.

    I have no idea if they rent for weddings. It's technically a private space I think.
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  • Here's the Events at [email protected] website:  http://www.eventsatmadison.com/

    And the general Bedrock Real Estate management webpage: http://bedrockmgt.com/madison.html

    Both have contact information on them.

  • Also, some in this thread about venues near Detroit gave this email address as the contact: [email protected]
  • When I called them earlier this year i was quoted a INSANE price of over 10k JUST to rent the space. I dont know if its any different now, but its worth the call!
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    When I called them earlier this year i was quoted a INSANE price of over 10k JUST to rent the space. I dont know if its any different now, but its worth the call!
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    $10,000 just for the space :'( oh brother
  • same with Loft 151 or whatever the name is. Bedrock management did get back to my quickly. Although I called and emailed about 5x in one day ! HA once she quoted me the price over the phone I sat in shock and said Okay, thank you bye. LOL
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    I am so sad to hear about this insane $10K price tag JUST FOR THE VENUE!!! I'm sorry but this is Detroit and the city needs all the money it can get!  Why they are turning away good money is beyond me.  With that price tag they will turn away 99% of the people who inquire about having a wedding reception there... RIDICULOUS!!!!!!   Sorry, I was just really looking forward to some good news with this one. 

    Has anyone found any unique reception venues in the city for a reasonable price?
  • A friend of mine, who is a realiable source, said that the lot in the Madison Building is owned by Quicken Loans and is a private space. Maybe if you have some connections? I also saw the loft when riding the people mover and it peaked my interest, but at 10K.... no thanks!
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  • I have called and sent emails to the madison with no response... huge bummer about the 10k. ah well.
  • Did you ever find the perfect venue? I'm having a hard time finding a place and we have a 2015 date.
  • The last time this blog was updated was quite a while ago.  But it has fantastic pics and info on Detroit venues by a former bride who seemed to be passionate about the subject.  It's sort of like a separate pinterest page for Detroit venues so enjoy!



  • If you know someone who works for Quicken Loans it can be rented cheaper.  They must rent it though.  It is a private building for work events mostly.  Quicken employees can rent it for their events.
  • Twitter, Detroit Labs, and Skidmore Studio are all companies that work in that building. If you know anyone who works there you might be able to find out more information. I think everyone is right about Dan Gilbert owning the building, but I dont think Quicken has employees in that building. So, they probably wouldnt be able to help you. I've been to a few parties on that roof and I will say it is pretty amazing! If it rained though you would probably be out of luck, the rest of the building is offices, not really event spaces.
  • This is who I contacted:  [email protected]

    When I looked into it, they were not accepting it for social events unless you were a Quicken Loans team member.  My fiancee is so we did take a look at it. 
    If you want to do it on the roof they do have space on the inside, however it is smaller if it rains you can move in there.  It's about a 50 person difference if I remember correctly.

    Good luck.
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