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Easy way to lose weight and keep it off... I lost 10lbs in 24 days :)

  • I became an advocare distribitor today after doing the 24 day challenge and losing 10lbs and 12 total inches in 24 days :) I have a wedding dress to squeeze into that I want them to take IN and not have to take OUT.. :) hahahaha.. So, here is the info about it... I was skeptical at first until I saw results on myself and my best friend. I am giving a 10% discount to those who order today! 




    The AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge is essentially an all-inclusive diet, exercise (which is optional, but recommended) and nutrition solution program that gets your body ready to burn fat. It’s not a “fad diet” or anything like that and you don’t go hungry. Along with 3 meals, they urge you to have at least 3 snacks. You eat whole, clean food: lean protein, veggies and fruit. No sugar, no simple carbs. Unlike a lot of diets, you don’t go straight from your regular diet to no carb. That kind of diet puts you in ketosis and makes sticking to anything but Taco Bell (my random ketosis craving) extremely difficult. You can have oatmeal, whole grain bread and pasta, brown rice and fruit, unlike many popular diets.

    The Challenge consists of two parts: a 10 day cleanse and a 14 day burn phase. The cleanse phase is about ridding your body of toxins, thus basically making it a blank slate to help it absorb nutrients. As an added benefit, because your body will begin eliminating the junk and your diet will be clean, you should lose weight. The purpose of 14-day burn phase is to rev up your metabolism and get your body to optimal health.

    The Challenge comes with a guide that literally lays everything out with no gray areas, plus I’m always here for any questions that may arise. When you have a few minutes, these videos can give you a great overview and show you how simple it is.

    Challenge Phase I Video ‐

    Challenge Phase II Video ‐

    Let me know if you have any questions!

Re: Easy way to lose weight and keep it off... I lost 10lbs in 24 days :)

  • We have internal organs which are there to remove toxins from our bodies. It amazes me that people get under the mindset they need to clean out their system but at the same time cram their bodies full of this manufactured product when you can get nutrients from, you know, food. Losing that much weight in 10 days is, first of all, water weight and then muscle before fat. And secondly, not healthy. There's a fiber drink to make you crap out everything in your body. That's not natural, not to mention the calorie deficiency. If a person were to just eat the right foods from the beginning, they would see results. All this is doing is adding the drastic weight loss from the unhealthy cleanse upfront to make people think it works better when in actuality they are just starving themselves. So there's that.
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