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Rehearsal Dinner Recommendations....

Hi Ladies I am going to post this on the NJ-Central/Northern board also but if you ask 10 different ppl where central jersey begins you more than likely get 10 different answers so I figured I would post it here as well.

Our church is in Burlington Township so we are looking for a place for our rehearsal dinner around the Bordentown/Hamilton area. This way those from south only need to drive about 20 mins and those from central/northern will already be in route back home. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. It would be for around 25-30 people.

Re: Rehearsal Dinner Recommendations....

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    does mastoris do rehearsal dinners or parties? i've heard great things about them, and i know its pretty easy to get to!
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    Marcellos in Bordentown is great, I think you can also rent out Oliver's or Jester's Cafe which is in the main street of Bordentown.

    I also went to a rehearsal dinner at Villa Mannino's on Rt 130 in Bordentown and they did a very nice job
    By the way, how was Yeon? Do you think I should go to her?

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    Thanks for the recommendations ladies. I love Mastoris, we will check and see if they have a private room. My aunt also recommended Villa Mannino's and Cafe Gallery so we will look into those as well.

    Yeon seemed great! When I went for my quote she made me feel really comfortable and knew what she was talking about. I have my first fitting with her in 3 weeks. A previous knottie had the same dress as me and said Yeon did a fabulous job on hers! My dress is a little more difficult because my train goes off to the side not the back, I am confident she will do a great job. I would check her out and see how you feel about her.
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    I had my rehearsal dinner at Villa Mannino and they were pretty good. I didn't LOVE the entree's we picked, but others thought they were great so maybe my tastes were off that night.

    They were prompt and very accomodating. Also, Marco (the guy you talk to and set things up with) is so nice and great to work with.

    Depending on your party size and price range, you could look into Toscano's on Farnsworth and Jester's (as pp said) and there is also that new place Hamilton Manor on Route 130. My mom wanted to have my shower there but since DH's family is all from PA it didn't make sense logistically. Also, don't discount Town & Country. We've had many bridal/baby showers over the years there and have always been pleased with the service and food. I personally prefer T&C over Mastoris, but that's just personal preference.

    Good luck and HTH!
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    Ive been to a rehersal dinner at Villa Mannino and I thought the food was pretty good.  The bride, was really happy with everything.
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    demarcosjd- We go to the same church! Kyle and I are getting married there in December! We are having our rehearsal dinner right down the street at Cafe Gallery. The woman there, Barbara, is awesome and the prices were pretty good. Plus, it's a walking distance to the church and our seats will overlook the river.
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    Lihvsa01 that's awesome! Good to know. Good luck with everything.

    Thank you ladies for all of the feedback this really helps :)
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