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E-Pic locations

Where did you have yours done...or where are you planning on having them done? Also...what time of year.

We haven't had ours done yet and want to soon, in the next month or two.  But with it being so cold out...we're trying to think of some good indoor locations.  Maybe the museum? (Don't know if they let photgraphs inside, though.)

Thoughts? Suggestions?
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Re: E-Pic locations

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    I had mine done in the train station and around the tracks, to go with my theme.  Trains also have quite a bit to do with our story too.  The outside shots really make it though, so I would suggest doing some inside.  We did ours in October (one of the benefits for a long engagement).  Do you and your FI have anything that means something to you, like do you go to the art museum a lot or movie theater?  Something that would trigger memories for the two of you.  I would ask your photographer for some suggestions as well.
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    No...we're boring.  lol 

    We both have a love for marine conservation...so we were even thinking the aquarium at the zoo, but since our wedding is there (ceremony and reception) so our wedding photos will all be takenthere...we thought it might be a little overkill.

    The train station is a pretty cool idea...our theme for the wedding is "travel."

    Maybe we could even do something at the airport!
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    Maybe the aquarium is a little overkill, you don't want all of your pics at the same place.  The train station lets you take pictures whenever it's open, it might be harder at the aiport because of security.  I'm not sure, just a thought.  Maybe a smaller community airport would let you take pictures if you called first since there would be less people going in and out.
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    For inside places, maybe call and see about the Manor House at Wildwood. My photog said she's used the inside if Manhattans. What about the lobby areas of some buildings downtown?
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