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Cincinnati Hotel/Resturant

Hi Ladies,

My fiance and I are looking for two things. We are looking for a hotel to stay in,the night of the wedding in the cincinnati area (we have reserved a Licoln TOwn car from Oxford, Ohio). We have an internation flight out of the Cincinnati airport at 3:30 PM and also looking for a place to take our parents out for an early lunch that morning. We were thinking the Montgomery Inn but it isn't open for lunch on Sunday :(. So we need a place to stay, a place to eat lunch, and to be at the aiport by around 12:30-1:00 if this would at all be possible! Thanks so much! Ashley and Jimmy

Re: Cincinnati Hotel/Resturant

  • The Cincinnatian is a beautiful hotel in downtown and they have several reasonable suites. They also have the Palace in their facility to eat, or there are lots of locations nearby that may be nice depending on the food you're looking for...Via Vita, Nada, Crave are all open on Sunday for early lunches. The other opeion since you will be eating early is Brunch...I just had a Birthday Brunch at the Radison's 360. It sits on their top floor and it rotates while you eat to enjoy views of the cities skyline. They have shrimp, salad, prime rib, omelet and crepe stations and other various breakfast and lunch foods.
  • The Hilton downtown is pretty and does a Sunday brunch in their restaurant, Orchids.

    Also the new 21c Hotel opened (ultra modern), there is a restauraunt in there too.

    If you stay in any hotel downtoen there are a ton of options for brunch/lunch all in walking distance!
  • Embassy Suites Covington - a bit pricey - but the view cannot be beat.
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  • Have to agree w/ PP:  Netherland Hilton.  You can't go wrong (their Sunday brunch is awesome). 
  • Thanks ladies for all the help! We appreciate it and I will look into all these options!
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